Right decision or not ???

Went to see my Dr on Friday 6/01/17 regarding chest pains I had been suffering and a shortage of breath on exertion.I had a heart bypass in September 2016 but it did not go well and I ended up staying in for 4 and half weeks. My Dr sent me to A&E where I saw a registrar Dr who after examining me called for a Cardiologist to see me and after examining me told me that I need to be admitted but I refused as a result of the bad experience I suffered with my heart bypass operation. In addition I was thinking that if I did get admitted maybe I would not come out. The Cardiologist told me that if I change my mind then to return to the hospital. After taking time out at home over the weekend My head is telling me yes but my heart(excuse the pun)is telling me no. The pain has subsided some what and I really do not know what to do.

I have such a lot of life to life yet !! Warm regards Ian

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  • Hi Ian.

    So sorry that you have this dilemma, but I think you know what you should do. Obviously your time in hospital was traumatic and frightening, but to let your heart problems continue without treatment would be v dangerous. I know it must feel like being between a rock and a hard place, but I think you need to go back to the hospital. It may be this time things can be sorted out with less difficulty.

    Hope I don't sound too bossy. It's your decision in the end?

    Take care


  • Hi Hilary I have thought about it over the weekend and I will be returning to the hospital with some reluctance.

    Warm regards Ian

  • Good that you are going back. I understand your reluctance, Ian. Do discuss your anxieties with them.

    Good luck. Hope it goes well and you get some effective treatment,


  • Thanks Hilary.

  • Hi Ian

    That is a difficult decision, particularly since you had such a bad experience last time. My own personal feeling is to return, see what options they come up with and then make your decision whether to stay or not.

    I don't know if you wrote to PALS about the time you had, it would add weight to any demands you make over your care. Even if you didn't, you can refuse certain aspects, like not being nursed by the same person or to be put into a different ward. You can also refuse certain procedures and medication if you truly believe it will not help you.

    I really would get it checked again though.


  • Hi blubell99 thanks for the advice but my bad time was more phycological in that I was well looked after but I suffered a really bad episode due to the drugs I was on and this has made me feel to have bad thoughts towards the hospital but after a long hard thing I will be returning to see them again.

    Best wishes Ian

  • Ian, This guy is a Cardiologist that used his brain, hear him out!

  • Good advice cheers Ian

  • Go to the Hospital.

    Take support with you.

    Tell the staff - Drs and nurses - about the bad experience last time in as few a words as possible.

    Once you're in Hospital you will get options about treatment and can always leave if that's what you feel you need to do.

    It is important to find out what is going on with your heart and what can be done for you.

    You need to know the choices in treatment that are available to you

    Good luck and please keep in touch on here.


  • Hi thanks for the advice I have decided to return and see them

  • Hi there Ian, I fully understand your fears. I am totally hospital phobic and in the past have been feet away from the operating table and could not go through with it. I got dressed and went home again!!

    I think if you remember they are not going to force you to do anything your not feeling good about and can leave anytime you wish, I would say for your own peace of mind at least go and see what they have to say. It may just be they need to do a few tests and keep you in overnight. Who knows they may say your good to go once the top guy as seen you.

    The thing is Ian you'll never know my dear till you go. Also the stress/anxiety will do your poor heart no good at all I speak from experience. Good luck at the end of the day the decision is yours xx


  • Hi Mo thanks for the words of advice I have now decided to return and see them.

    Warm regards Ian

  • That's great news good for you Heliboy911 I am sure you will feel a great deal better in your mind once you have found out what is going on or not whatever the case maybe here's hoping for a favourable outcome.


  • Hello helliboy- Nurse Gladys Emanuel, How far are you from the next nearest hospital that has cardiology support? I know how sceptical you feel after the last episode. Just maybe its not the bypass that's a problem! I have terrible gastric reflux, and waiting to know if I have costchondritis, both give off terrible chest pain and rib pain with raised blood pressure and rapid heart rate . Did the cardio doc who saw you state it was your operation that has set off your recent pain? Did they take bloods? take an ECG?, offer you a whats called a T.O.E trans oesphogageal echo-that's a simple camera down your gullet that looks at the workings of your heart, it sees blood entering at artery level, the ventricles opening allowing blood to enter the top half of the ventricles and closing, the blood going to the bottom half of your heart and leaving via the Aorta, just maybe you could have that done, that will show if all is well ..before I retired and went over to Womens medicine I was with cardio thoracic surgery and these tests often gave the surgeon answers.. Don't sit at home and ponder just because your pain has subsided, go SOMEWHERE that can help you and explain your dilemma last time, any hospital can see your medical notes via PC nowadays. Good wishes let us know the outcome please.

  • Hi Gladys they did an ECG and took bloods and the cardiologist said it was very unusual for the same symptons to return after the bypass operation and the ECG did not show anything substantial and the bloods were ok, however I have and do suffer from high blood pressure along with other aliments as we all do The nearest hospital with support is about 5-10 minutes and I have decided to return after a long hard think over the weekend.

    Thanks for the word of advice. I still love watching you on your re-runs on freeview so funny Warm regards Ian

  • Good luck and a well made decision, I hope your visit will prove good for you. let us know how you get on..

    Nurse Gladys (still open all hors)

  • Whatever you decide and you have a lot of good advice, I wish you well, but don't leave a decision too long as it won't help your fibro or your heart......x

  • Thanks Trikki

  • Hiya Heliboy911 so sorry your rough again. I know that you really don't want to be in Hosp... who does? However you know you should be. If you stay at home and something goes wrong then how long would it take to get help? If your in Hosp you have all the professionals there. Better now than never angle. Let us know how you get on. Take care xx

  • Thanks Angie have decided to return Warm wishes Ian

  • Good luck my angel xx

  • Please take care.

  • Thank you Warm regards Ian

  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of your dilemma, and I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck with whatever you decide to do? Personally I would go into hospital and let them sort the issue out but this is your choice my friend? Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken Best wishes Ian

  • Good luck my friend.

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