which consultant did I see/do the NHS take us for idiots

I have seen my rheumatologist twice in 2005 and 2012.he was about average height with blond hair and slim.i think I would remember who I saw?so when I disputed the contents of his letter to my GP following the 2012 consultation and it taking a year to get an appointment to see him.i finally got one in march this year.,although it had the consultants name on the board,when he came out to call me in it was definitely a different consultant as this one was about 6ft 2 tall plus he had ginger hair.he said he didn't have my notes with him altho he had requested them therefore he didn't have the copy of the letter he sent to my GP and he said this meeting was purely to discuss the letter and not anything clinical.he admitted that the CA125 and my diet were no this concern but would not make any more time for anything else.i did remind this man that he(?Dr B)hadnt given me the chance to tell him of my symptoms at that time(2012).he must have written to my GP after this tho I don't know why as it wasnt a consultation.

when I next saw my gp after this he said he had heard rom DR G.so I said who is DR G?

I wrote to NHS England who forwarded my letter to the Matron at my local infirmary where the consultations are held.she claimed that if a drs name was on the board then that Dr was in consultation.i spoke to her on the phone that I had seen DR B on two occasions and he definitely did not have red hair therefore this couldn't be Dr B. and also that my GP had mentioned A Dr G.

I received another letter from the matron today saying she confirmed I did see DR B in march and then went onto say she had checked my records going back to 2013 and at no point have I seen Dr Grove.why cos I have never had a rheumatology appointment since November 2012 and only when i saw the alleged DR B on 14th march 2014.

she sent a copy to my gp and to the practice manager.now im going to write to my gp re this-hoping he will support me in saying it was not DR B I saw in march and askif he had a letter fom this alleged DR B.my Gp will know the consultants and the true Dr B has his picture on his website and is defnitelky not ginger.

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  • Golly wow anbuma you have my head spinning :o :-) :o I'm not sure what the answer is at all, it does sound like a big muddle for you and I really hope you manage to sort it out. Sorry not to be of more help :o

    Best wishes :-)

    Foggy x

  • thanks Foggy.hopefully my gp will confirm things.not giving up.

  • Hang on a sec, thinking about it (oh dear - Foggy thinking - how scary :o ;-) ) I may be able to shed a tad of light on the situation ! Wait for it :-)

    Quite often in my experience I have been referred to a consultant, but because of the number of people who need to see consultants they often have their registrars helping them out in clinics, which could account for you having seen one and then another, but the letter to your GP would be sent as if from the consultant because they act as a team. It can be very confusing, I was seen by a top orthopaedic surgeon, yet at the next clinic it was his registrar and I was a bit cross cos I thought I was meant to be seeing Prof B, but then the next time it was the Prof again.

    So I hope that may help your conundrum - do let me know how you get on :-)

    Foggy x

  • Likewise. Our NHS is creaking at the seams. When I go back to orthopaedic for a knee review it's been with the physiotherapist part of the team 3 out of 3. I don't honestly think you're being singled out.

    The different names/looks does seem strange though.

  • hi foggy that maybe so .my first consultation in 2005 was with DR B as he introduced himself and altho at that time there were junior drs as well it was him himself that saw me and diagnosed fibro.

    the second consultation 7 years later was the definitely him(same dr).my gp wouldnt say it was someone else if it was not.

  • Hi again, I think we've got the answer probably, but your GP is not in a position to divulge information such as you want, he is bound by the ethics of the NHS - for some that is a good thing, as you see it, it isn't, but I think you need to let it go, not because of anything else but the worry it is causing you. In life some people are good, some are not, you just have to find the path between the two, hope that makes Foggy sense :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • hi fogg y

    it s not causing me any worry,it s the principal of things.im sure my gp would be able to tell me who is who and if he says he cant then fair enough.

  • Sorry anbuma, but they are bound by the Hippocratic Oath !! Now, guess what I saw last week whilst on holiday in Kos, the Tree (well at least the progeny of the tree) upon which Hippocrates wrote the oath which all doctors are required to adhere to when they become doctors. It was so beautiful, and very very ancient and some wonderful ancient buildings exposed nearby. The history of Kos and Hippocrates and the Romans and pre-roman era is fascinating. I so wish you could go and see it in the lovely weather which made me feel so much better - yes now I'm home fibro has given me a good kicking, but my pain levels for a week were really really much better.

    Maybe you should join us on our virtual day out tomorrow - it could cheer you up immensely :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • more about virtual day out please ; sorry to break the thread ..how does it work and how dfo you attend

  • does anyone else have any opinions?

  • Thank you for that anbuma, so kind :-) :-)

    Sleep tight :-)

    Foggy x

  • ??

  • Just saying goodnight :-) hope today is better for you :-)

    Foggy x

  • what were you thanking me for?

  • Anbuma,why would this be bothering you now after all this time??? And as foggy says everybody sees registrars as well as the consultants who head the team, it's no big deal.

  • if I have a complaint about the contents of a letter which is this case then I expect to see the same dr who I saw and who wrote it not someone totally different.

  • Hi Anbuma, I hear what you say and would agree we would all like that to be the case for everyone,but just think your expectations are too high in terms of today's NHS.It really isn't that personalised these days unfortunately!

  • i received the letter today-it took them so long to reply.

  • I have often been seen by a registrar and not the consultant( they are usually in theatre) all correspondence is signed as if it came from the consultant I rarely see the same doctor twice same high standard of care though. No help to you at all just, pointing out how it usually works, generally see the top doctors at very first appointment then never again thereafter. Best wishes. Lou xx

  • this Dr is also a lecturer at a university.that may be so in some cases but I saw the same dr in 2005 and 2012.my gynae has been the same gynae every time.

  • Hello Anbuma,

    I think the best advice for you to consider and possibly everyone having many appointments is to write down in a note book the information below.

    DR's name

    Consultant (if name above is not the consultant himself therefore what team this DR above works under)


    Appointment (ie Rhuematology)

    This way you can refer to this if needed.

    The person you saw may well have been part of a team under your consultant as often registrars do take clinics on behalf of the consultant.

    It is possible that DR G is the registrar or part of the team under DR B the consultant. It may be advisable to check this with the hospital before taking any further action.

    I hope this helps

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hello Megmog2,

    This is how I know it to be also, having worked in the Hospital environment as a Staff Nurse before Fibro. However, I do acknowledge some people experience errors within the NHS sometimes which is why asking DR's names (if they don't introduce themselves which they usually do) then writing it down and what they have said about further treatment is a good idea.

    Thank You for your comment

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi Emma having seen the same dr twice in 2005 and 2012 who introduced himself as DR B,it cant be that the same dr (as hospital insisted)can be of such different appearance -going from blond to ginger and about 6 " taller

  • it was the same when I saw ENT-due to see a DR M and it was a different name on the board-dr didn't introduce himself either.

  • Good luck anbuma, it sounds a big muddle?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi,

    I feel for you on this, and been there.

    Every area of medicine my way consist of a Consultant Team, generally at least three.

    I have experienced incorrect report info on me from my seeing a consultant, being sent to my gp. Correct information is so important.

    Anyway my point.... it does seem that if a general complaint is made about a consultant then the patient is put through to another team consultant. This they hope diffuses the situation. The second dr. will also of been pre informed by colleague. Rarely will they go against each other unless extreme medical case.

    When I complained it was like they put a brick wall up to me and spoke to me like I was making it up (I even had the medical tests to prove his wrong info in letter & a family member with me who agreed report very wrong).

    In the end I wrote the correct information, with back up facts and sent it demanding it be put on my file. Also a copy to your go file.

    Course, not all Consultants play up, some are fab.

    So frustrating though.


  • so got another letter from the hospital matron saying now she has checked my appointments from 2005 and 2012 ,saying it was indeed Dr B I saw on both occasions and I have seen no other rheumatologist.also that she checked my notes from 2013 and confirmed it was DR B i had seen in march.then how does she explain that Dr B in 2005 and 2012 was slight build with blond hair and in march this year he has grown several inches to be well over 6' tall and have ginger hair.

  • Hello Anbuma,

    Firstly I would maybe consider checking with the hospital the following;

    @) whether the Consultant was in clinic himself or whether you were seen by a member of his team

    b) then whether Mr D is part of Mr B's team ?

    If this doesn't answer your questions, I would consider your next steps.

    Can you ask for a second opinion maybe , or was this it? Can you also think about how to calmly & concisely to your practice manager exactly the main issues and how you can work together to resolve them?

    As mentioned before I think a Notebook designed for appointment information may be a good investment for the future !!!

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • thank you jellynpain.did your gp support you?it all stems from him not letting me tell of my symptoms when re referred.final response when patient opinion helped was "he had explained everything." cant if he doesn't know my symptoms.

    cupi please note

  • WOW, hope you get things straightened out sweetheart!!! That's horrible. xxx Mitzi

  • have contacted the surgery to arrange an appointment with the practice manager.they threat with removing me off their lists ,.so unfair when all i want is answers/a diagnosis

  • Hello Anbuma,

    I am truly sorry that your journey has led you to this point and I hope you manage to discuss your concerns with the practice manger to come to some resolution. You don't know what will be the outcome as yet, so maybe you should consider waiting for the meeting before thinking about the possible outcomes.

    Your situation has been a long and complex journey however if does show that everyone should continue to pursue answers as you have. If anything positive can come from your journey this would be it!

    It is regrettable that it has not come to the conclusion you'd like so far but there are many including myself that ask for second opinions and get the answers, support & referrals we need after our fight for answers.

    We must acknowledge your complex situation does not mean others may not get the Healthcare they need. As our community is a supportive environment I would feel it is appropriate for you to draw on your experiences to help others as members have done for you along the way.

    We understand you're upset and frustrated but I would suggest the best place to convey this is at your appointment calmly and sit down together to work towards a resolution.I understand it is hard when you feel the way you do at the moment, so maybe you may think about doing something you enjoy (maybe your crafts) to distract you for a while. Stress will impact on your symptoms and we would say that if you can you should find a way to reduce this, for your own well-being this may be best.

    Try to relax & rest up.

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • thanks Emma,##trying to do stuff to keep me occupied but difficult-last few days been damp and misty-so cannot tend to garden -as well as not being able to bend ,trying to put some flat pack furniture together btu that is also a "bit at a time"cos hands are so sore and swollen-can only hold screwdriver for a while before it digs in and haven't the strength .have two blisters in my palm where it was digging in.do a bit of stitching but for same reason a bit at a time.dogs very subdued today -not keen to go out,,buster crying and whimpering not wanting his food,very clingy.might just be the weather btu they have been looking at me with concerned eyes all day.

  • Hello Anbuma,

    You mentioned your appointment, I wondered have you spoken to Patient Advice & Liaison Service at all or the Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB)?

    Online they have this advice;

    Make your explanations as short and clear as possible. Focus on the main issues, and leave out irrelevant details. Don’t be afraid to say what has upset you, but avoid aggressive or accusing language. If you can, talk through what you want to say with someone else first, or ask them to read what you've written before you send it. You should also say what outcome you would like, for example, an explanation or apology or a change in treatment.

    If you make the complaint verbally, it’s a good idea to make notes beforehand of what you want to say as it’s easy to get distracted if you’re upset. Also if you can, take notes of what they say to you when you report your concerns


    I would say (without my FibroAction hat on) that this advice is quite good. I think personally you may find you'll get the help you need if you outline the problems without accusing (as CAB mention above & I note Megmog2 mentioned) and explain that you think there has been a DR patient relationship break down. You will probably need to discuss the options for moving forward and agree the path for the future.

    I wish you all the best - Please remember notebook!!!!! :)

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • thank you emma for your reply and advice, unfortunately I didn't get it before I left home for appointment.it went quite well.i put across about all the issues and altho she said she couldn't say about anything clinical,she was obviously on gps side and did not accept certain things I said.i made a point of saying

    that some of the gps(and consultants) responses or lack of concern and comments etc were unacceptable and being told something is nothing "or "I cant feel anything" etc are unacceptable,told her it works both ways -relationship break down-he needs to accept what I tell him and said no one has accepted my weight gain is all abdominal and nothing to do with diet.,no answers for skin rashes swellings etc.

    all i can hope is that she speaks to my gp and passes my comments onto him.said what was my most concern -pelvic pain ive had for a year and can barely walk.and that Hiatus hernia should have been investigated two years ago as he said that was the cause of my rib pain,and the cause of my cough(to which she said she didnt know you get a cough with Hiatus hernia.i said it was on the infosheet they gave me after the endoscopy.made it known that if I hadn't "gone private" I would never have known I had gallstones..

    got a bit emotional half way thru.

    I ahve contacted Pals (and my MP) btu both were a waste of time.

  • can anyone give me advice re tomorrows meeting with the practice manager.i dont want to accuse my gp of anything btu how to express that he has not been 100% professional and should i say what actual comments were or just say that in the last couple of years what I have told gps/consultants not been accepted and I would have expected his support re ENT and Rheumatology.

    one time I was ridiculed and some times he has been quite blunt.and that the breakdown is not only on my part

    should I say that Hiatus hernia could have been discovered sooner if my symptoms had been accepted and that everything is put down to fibro and I have been given no reason for swelling and rashes.i haven't been able to ask a simple question without him getting snappy.(??)and that I have thought its something more than just fibro -cos of sudden onset of symptoms.

    resolve things by gp listening to me and accepting what I tell him.weight gain issue -not accepted .

  • why not ?the first thing you do when you enter his room is tell/show him your symptoms ,he cant deny swellings and rashes as they are pretty evident and visible.and noone is going to waste their time at gps if no reason.so saying "he cannot take your word for it" implies he is dismissing symptoms(cant explain it any other way) and not believing what he is beign told

  • maybe not but if I say my weight gain is all in one area then they need to accept that.weighing me and telling me Im obese because scales dont differentiate where weight gain is

    people wouldn't know they had appendicitis only that htye are in pain from it and the dr would investigate,there is a difference between having something that has visible symptoms which he can see very well btu chooses to ignore and having something that is internal and can only be identified by scans.,

    dont let this thread get opinionated/heated as one thread was deleted because of this.

  • I did ask for opinions and advice and i deleted a previous thread purely from some of your comments before admin got involved and did it for me as i felt things were getting heated..the first part of your reply does leave a bit to be desired.and Emma commented on in her reply

  • Hello Anbuma,

    Please know I mentioned Megmog2 in my reply as I noted this member had given similar advice to my comment.

    I think you may have misunderstood and wanted to clarify it with you.

    Thank you for your reply about how your appointment went. Have to wait and see what the outcome is now.

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi,

    Crazy eh. It's not you of course, I have been in the same boat.

    My gp is fab.....even when consultants have let me down he's sorted what he can.

    Sometimes it really does feel like its about clinic budgets! Sometimes purely lacking listening skills and slit of disinterest .....not right eh Xx

  • thank you.sure is crazy.why don't gps show little bit of empathy.i didn't get no support from him re consultants and will say this tomorrow,the consultants may have discharged me but that doesn't mean anything.

  • You were seen by either a Trainee or fellow consultant "not on the books", or rather brought in by your so called appointed doctor at the hospital to cover for him.. he has screwed up, and they are treating you like your a moron.. go to the medical practitioners committee and make a formal complaint over care and medical record collection.. they will look into it.. in the meantime, if the hospital is local, take a small camera or your phone will do; go and see if you can spot the idiot who played with your life, take a pic and give to your doctor.. this person might not have been for real and was dismissed by the hospital etc., now the hospital have to cover it up- you guess the rest.. They are not gods, even tho they act like they should be- treat them with the same respect they treat you-

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