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Hello, I have had a letter from the DWP, after my medical with Atos, The letter says i have been placed in a Work related activity group, I don't really understand what this is , I think its saying i am fit for work and someone will help me find some ??? . I am not fit for work what should i do ? Thanks, Sorry i have posted that part before , and i did get some help , But i would just like to add that i have many illnesses and i am more or less house bound now , Should i try to apply to get in the support group? i only got the letter Yesterday so its not been to long , I forgot to say when i got the letter to go see Atos for a medical , my GP wrote to then telling them that i wasn't able to get there due to my illness and could they do a home visit which they did , I cant even get to the Job center , When the Atos Doctor came to see me and did what he had to do , He told me in his mind i would be left alone as i was no way fit for work now or in the future me very confused and upset , sorry :(

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It's horrible the way they seem to target sick and vulnerable people! My neighbour is in a similar position, just to let you know how she handles it.

She is regularly contacted to go for interviews and assessments. Every time, she apologises but she is not well enough to go. It has got to the point now, they phone and she says no, sorry, they accept and apologise for bothering her but they are obliged to do so! I think, she is expecting to be told eventually they will re-assess her and put her back into the support group. The only reason she is in this predicament is that she was too unwell at the time to respond at all, so they just made their decision without her!

If you need information on how to appeal, message Mdaisy (admin. on this site). It might be worth contacting someone like Citizens Advice Bureau, to see that you are claiming everything you're entitled to. I hope everything works out for you. Take care. Tulip xx



If you think you are to ill to be in WRAG then I would appeal for the support group. You have 1 month to do so. I think you need to ask for a form called GL24, available from the DWP or the Job Centre. And you need to find out what the reasons are for the DWP reaching their decision, did you have a medical? If so you can ask for a copy of the generated report the DWp used to make their decision. This will help you see how they reached the decision to put you in the WRAG.



You can ask for a written copy of the form that Atos sent to DWP, it is called the ESA85, you can phone the DWP office dealing with your claim or write and ask for a copy. It is well worth getting hold of.


I phoned asking for ESA85 after being placed on WRAG it took 12 weeks to arrive and because it took over a month I missed the chance to appeal. I had thought I had1month from receiving the generated report ESA85 so don't delay your appeal if DWP use snail mail to sent report to you , just go ahead with appeal process without it . I am in WRAG still , and awaiting a Atos appointment for second medical not been since June 2011 they have said it will be in the next 6weeks . If I'm placed in WRAG my personal advisor has said he will help me with my appeal as he thinks I should be in the support group not WRAG. We will wait and see. Good luck with your appeal and getting your ESA85 report. X


I would suggest that you appeal definitely...........I did as it comes to a point where the job centre have to be seen to be putting you forward for courses etc. if you get changed to support group it means you don't get hassled any more, although there are a few changes financially if you do (nothing major I don't think). Any way I lost mine and could not cope with the stress of it at mo so am sitting tight putting up with job centre contact!

Just be aware John5 that if you don't win the appeal and it goes to tribunal you are looking at well over a year for it to be heard .........oh and provide as many letters from medical/psychiatric professionals as possible. GO GIVE IT TO EM...........whole Atos system is a joke.

All the luck

Nettyray x


If you need further help this is our governing site and if you have a look through it may help. Mdaisy is part of it and she is very good on the appeal and form filling side of things.

Hope this helps



The work related activity group is not saying you are fit for work now. They are saying they expect you to get better and could work in the future. They aim to help look for suitable work. What It means is that you have limited capability for work, not that you have none, like the support group. You can appeal the decision. Whilst you are appealing, when you are at the interview, tell them you are not fit for work and DO NOT sign anything! Signing the agreement is not mandatory.

Ask for a copy of the report and check it. You should have had the assessment recorded, so that you have in writing what he said about being left a lone.



should you feel you should be in the support group.. go to google, download the 2013 esa descriptors for the support group, the cross match your illness to each descriptor that applies to your illness. Quote the descriptor number on your gl24 (appeal document) and how it matches to your illness and why you think you should be in the support group.

Any probs pvt message me.

Best wishes,

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


I did not have this problem, but on behalf of all who have, thank you for your encouraging advice. I pray that those who need this will indeed benefit from knowing this. lia144.


Hi peeps.. i have been on the support group for nearly three yrs... i have never in that time been sent letters or notifications about having to attend support groups of interviews... the only thing i had was an Atos medical.... xxx


I am happy for you and this is all i want for myself :)


Appeal straight away, it basically is the computer saying NO! Sx


In my (admittedly limited) experience, it seems not to matter how ill you are to be put in the wrag. The main criteria they seem to use is if you are married or have someone living with you who is employed. Every time I ring DWP, my "security" question is my marital status. I don't even get asked that by my bank! I think the year they give you on contribution based benefit is like a warning that this will end, so you can sort out your finances before that time is up. Then they say you are on income based benefit, which means if your other half is working, he/she has to support you. If you are in the support group you can get your benefit even if you have a family member who is working. It is in their interests to move as many people as they can out of the support group.

I was put in Wrag even though I have never had a medical and would easily pass the 15 points eligibility for the support group, and yes I am married. My appeal is in and I have been told it would take 3-6 months.

I would love to be proved wrong but I am very suspicious.


Hi all, thanks for your replies, I am still waiting to hear from them , I have put in an appeal a while back now , But the other day i got a letter from the Job center asking me to attend an interview , I have phoned them , and told them i am unable to get to the Job center never mind attend an interview, I was told someone would call me , I also phoned the DWP and told them i was unable to attend the job center I was told it has been put on my records and noted , They said they had only just received my GL24 today i sent it almost 3 weeks ago I will let you know how i get on when i know . Thanks again for your advise and support. I wont give in to them NEVER :)


Hi there John

I think I can safely say we're all behind you 100%. I went for my ATOS medical in June this year. What a joke! I've received a 68 page report regarding my medical. The whole thing is a total sham. I've recently moved to a new area (before which I worked for 34 years solid), and am finding it hard to make new friends. I attended the ATOS medical on my own because I received a very threatening letter saying if I didn't attend, they would stop my money immediately.

I didn't have anyone to go with. My children's father (my ex husband) died 2 years ago and I am single.

Back to the medical! I saw a woman in the waiting area with someone. She was hobbling with a stick and appeared to be in a great deal of pain. When she came out she was grinning from ear to ear and pretty much skipped out of the waiting area. She certainly didn't appear to need her sticks anymore.

Unfortunately I only found this fantastic site when I got my proper real and in writing, hospital Consultant's diagnosis that I have Fibromyalgia. I got 18 out of 18 on the pressure points.

I've suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 20 years, but have always thought I was just a hypochondriac, even though the pain I'm in is off the scale, but no doctor would believe just how bad it is.

Since I've found this site I've been overwhelmed by the support and help everyone is more than happy to give, even though they are all suffering the same.

I've been given so many tips and help re my dreaded Tribunal.

Anyway, you probably didn't need to hear any of that ~ but it must be of some comfort to you that you have so many people's support.

All the best John. I hope everything works out for you. It seems as though all the real genuine people are the ones that don't get the help they so badly need.

Coz xx


Hello all , I just thought i would let you know that i phoned the DWP today and i have been told that i have been put into the Support Group for 18 months , why only 18 months i do not know , But its good news and a start :)


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