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ANGRY! isn't the word

Got the decision on DLA renewal yesterday, apparently after being on it for two years, I am now miraculously cured and no longer entitled to it. Even after being medically examined, where the dr stopped me from walking across the room as it was too painful, he also stopped examining me because it was causing me too much pain. They obviously work to a secret agenda which basically say refuse refuse refuse.

I rang to see about lodging an appeal, the guy on the phone has put it through for another decision maker to look at. I told him what had happened while the dr was here and he said he would need to make a note on my file for the decision maker to see.

So friends it would seem while you can still walk less than 4 yards, can get out of a chair with help from someone, oh not forgetting the actually peeing yourself if not at loo quick enough, YOU ARE NOT LIABLE FOR DLA!!!!!!!


Debs x

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OH Deb what a farce. You have been through the mill all you can do is appeal, The main reason of course if mobility and you obviously have problems or you would nt have been given it in the first place.. So keep cool and appeal appeal appeal make them realize the stupidity of their ways xgins



Get the benefits& work leaflets from fabrication and follow their advice regarding appealing sorry so brief I am on a bus good luck


Hi Deb,

So sorry to hear your news. It's seems so unfair, one minute they give it to you and the next they take it away?

Can I ask at what level you were on before and was it both components - care & mobility high or low?

I hope you do appeal. I had to appeal and it took 12 months!! Grief and anxiety is not the word! We shouldn't have to go through all this, not being a healthy person and then all the form filling etc on top is terrible.

Do you work? I work part time I think they liked that and it helped rather than just wanting DLA but not everyone can work and its definitely not easy working, in fact it's a struggle even though its part time.

Good luck Deb.


Fabrication? Sorry to be thick here. My brain is in malfunction, only had 2 hours sleep last night.



Fibro action sorry tried to type whilst on bus phone converted the word without me noticing sorry again



I was on low rate for both components. Unfortunately I don't work due to the way the Fibro affects me, worse pain is in my legs and lower back. I was working but had to give up due to Having too much time off. I am so weary today from the stress of it all plus next to no sleep

Feel extremely low and fed up


Don't give in.I was on low care after apeals,so then it went to tribunal.I had to wait nine months before it went to court but I was awarded high rate care and high rate mobility.Please keep trying. Denise xx


i am just at the start of an appeal,and i used all the DMG if im refused again they will have to have a b....y good excuse! xx


DMG. criteria? I am so slow on the uptake these days, it's been a very hard week.


Give Liam Carter a shout at My Benefit Claim he can help ...


My benefit claim?


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