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PIP decision

Hii all, have had a decision on PIP. Awarded standard rate of Daily living and nothing for mobility. Rang last week to ask for mandatory reconsideration and was told Id get a call back to discuss in 8-9 weeks. Had another letter yesterday saying 'looked at it again and not changing award. so rang to say that Id been expecting a call and told them about the previous conversation I'd had. Very nice lady said that the guy had not requested a call back and she could see that I was telling the truth as how would I have known about the 8-9 weeks call back as it is their protocol. So requesting an urgent call back by next Thursday. Just missed a call! Ring me back after 12. have made some notes to discuss, but I know its very short notice but if anyone on here atm, can you offer any advice about what to say? Main area of contention is around mobility as they said I can walk more thhan 50 metres not less than 200 which is total fabrication off what I said at assessment.



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I was asked to base my comments, re walking, on the last three months i had experienced. As conditions fluctuate day to day it is always difficult to assess walking distance and in my case having cfs/me, if you walked further what effect it would have on you two days later?? Awful as it sounds i had my assessment in the midst if a relapse and could hardly walk the length of myself. Trying to build it up now but not passed 50m on a regular basis and frightened to push too far in case i end up back where i started. Sometimes it doesnt take that much 😱. Good luck - hope things goes well for you J 😊


Sorry it seems as though I have come on too late to give any advice but hope all went as well as these things can.😀

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I am too late to help you so I apologise. I genuinely and sincerely hope that it went well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Get hold of an experienced advisor

DWP did amandatory reconsideration on original info so nothing will change.

Obtain fresh letters / reports from consultants/ gp/ even friends & relatives DWP did a reconsideration on its own reconsideration

Did DWP ask for any more letters/info in tel conversation?

A tel call can be confusing & 8/9 weeks outside of 1month appeal limit!

DWP after one mess up after another put me back on enhanced mobility thanks to my support & advisor dealing with it all for me +

Go as well to Benefits & Work site

BUT don't give in to DWP ways of confusing the real issues.

Hugs to All


Hi determined thanks for your reply. I'm about to post an update so check it out and let me have your thoughts, if you don't mind.



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