Hemp seed oil capsules

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is doing well, especially with this icey weather here in the UK.

I just thought I'd share something with you guys today. I've recently started taking hemp seed oil capsules (bought from Holland and Barrett for around 5 pounds) and since I must say I feel alot of improvement . My sleeping has improved by about 1000% considering before I didn't sleep at all , my insomnia was ridiculous all the time and I do feel a little more mobile too. I have recently increased my pregabalin intake to 450mg per day, doctor advised(I didn't want to go to the full 600 as I didn't want to exhaust it without trying less first) just before aswell but I didn't feel as much benefit until I started taking the hemp.

I would definitely recommend taking as for the sake of 5 pound you too might get a lot of benefits . I did have to wait a few weeks of course before I could see any signs of improvement but I can honestly say I won't stop taking them now as to be able to get some sleep is like a dream come true for me..I could honestly cry just thinking about it so happy so far with the product =]

Peace and love to you all


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  • Hi, Kayleigh_91 , thank you for sharing this, I will look into the Capsules. Glad it is helping you.x

  • No worries, you should definitely have a look =] x

  • I got £20 H&B vouchers for my birthday on the 23rd. Had been in there yesterday but couldn't decide what to buy. Think I'll give the hemp seed oil capsules a try!

  • Ahh what a coincidence! at least now you have one thing to buy lol. it's worth a shot that's for sure. oh and happy birthday for the 23rd 🎂

  • I am so so pleased for you to have found something which gives you a sleep at night...wonderful. Seems like I may try them, but can you take them with other meds?


  • Thank you. you should. yeh you can take them with other meds I am on all sorts and it's all been fine :)


  • Good to hear this helps you x

  • I got the oil which tastes yuk !! So haven't stuck with it, has H&B still got their buy one second 1p deal on. Really great to hear a positive response. xx

  • That's the great thing with the capsules , you can't taste it but you get the same benefits. you should give it another go but with the capaules .

    They did have last time I was there but it wasn't on the hemp when I was there .

  • Maybe you could buy veg. Capsules and put your oil in a capsule before taking it? so you don't have to taste it.

  • That's not a bad idea ☺️ Thank you x

  • Glad to hear you have found something which works for you, and not too expensive either. Thank you for posting.


  • Thank you! it's only took 7 years haha =O


  • Thank you so much for your post and anything that can help cope with this pain is a bonus ... will give them a try next time I get my benefits xx

  • No problem at all! I know how hard this can be so if I can help anyone get any form of relief I'm more than happy =]

    I hope they help you too


  • Thank you for this, I'll give it a go and let you know. Gentle hugs. x

  • No problem . .good luck! can't wait for the update . .fingers crossed it's positive 😁

    Sending soft hugs your way


  • Hugs back. xxx

  • Hi Kayleigh_91 It's brilliant that you have found something that helps. I would just like to remind everyone really that to never take any other medications, this includes natural medicines such as Hemp oil Capsules because

    Here is a list of drugs that can cause reaction with


    HMG CoA reductase inhibitors

    Calcium channel blockers



    HIV antivirals

    Immune modulators








    Beta blockers



    Angiotension II blockers

    Oral hypoglycemic agents


    So please always consult your GP or pharmacist before taking anything of this nature and stay safe

    Peace, Luv n light

    Jan x

  • Thanks for sharing my friend, I have read quite a members saying that they have helped them. I am one of the folk that has to be careful with anything of this nature due to some of my asthma and COPD medications. I want to genuinely wish you continued success with them.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • That's wonderful thank you for sharing. I'm always looking for natural things that actually help. Not sure if I could get them here in the states. I know I've seen hemp seeds, but I have to go to town today and get some more magnesium so I will check while I'm there.

    Thanks again. And I'm so glad you're getting sleep again, that is one of the best things for you, sleep.

    :) Have a great day. ×××

  • Hopefully you can! I'm sure I read somewhere they're available in the states so you may just need to have a search :|

    Thank you! and good luck, I hope you do get to find them and get some relief

    Peace and love 😀


  • Hi,

    I've spent some time now researching Hemp Oil & there is a clear distinction between hemp SEED oil & Hemp Oil. As the Seed oil doesn't contain the compound CBD (cannabidiol) this is the main Cannabinoid that can be attributed to the health benefits. I've seen a few companies now selling Hemp Oil in capsules in the U.K. - I take them myself & have issues sleeping anymore & stress levels are at an all time low, when I pick up a bug it passes within 24/48 hrs. It's crazy why it's so unheard of. expensive though!!

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