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Sleepless in blantyre

Hi guys firstly I want to say thank you for all your answers to my last questions 😅😀😊 would like to ask these questions as have Dr tomorrow been of work sick for last week just so exhausted due to as we all know lack of sleep - is anybody have any idea what I should ask for so I can get sleep it's making me so unhappy x x I think I could cope with the pain during the day if I could get a good rest x x I also have a constant pain in right side below rib cage even if I go to toilet it's still there I know it's not gallstones had that removed in 2010 does anybody get this pain x x thanks guys for just being there for each other I have no idea where I would be without this forum x x 😘

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Hi there

Have you ever tried Amitrylptiline? It helps for pain and sleep.

Not sure of the pain you have. I'd ask your GP what he/she thinks it is.


Lu xx


Well I did try them once but they dident seem to do any thing Yikes 2 told me about them Do they have to get into your system My pian is all over and numb feet and fingers xxx


When I was diagnosed by my Rheumatologist he put me on them.

Yes it does need to get into your system but it also depends upon the strength you were taking at the time xx

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Ok I will get some from my GP in July Or from the pain centre in September Know I forgot I'm seeing the rumatoligeast end of July I will get them them But will they make me feel like a Zomby I normally take my advice from yikes 2 she is an expert on pian relief and had been extremely good to me I will take your adise though god bless xx


Please don't ever think you have to take advice from me. I'm just trying to let people have the benefit of my experience.

I am not an expert on pain relief.

Amitrylptiline (to my knowledge) is an antidepressant, but has pain killing properties too.

What time of day were you taking them? I believe that if you take them around 6-7pm that can help stop the zombie like feeling the next day.

Maybe you also need to start on a lower dose and up it gradually, but I would ask your pain relief expert first and see what they say.

I'm not a doctor. Just a long long time sufferer of Fibro, so please go with whatever you feel happiest with xx


I really appreciate all your comments blue mermaid honestly so thank you x x I know your only giving advice due to your long experience x x soft hugs x x x


Yeah take 75mg at night have been taking for four months x x


Hello Zeta Let me tell you I have pian in my feet and legs, arms neck under my rib cage and back so it's not unusual to have pian were you've got it I know what you mean every one needs sleep As for me I take Lykra 100 mg and Loranzipame two of each at night that gives me 5/6 hours sleep Now I'm not saying that's a good thing BUT you need sleep xxx


Yeah I have pain in sorts of places shoulders middle of back tailbone sore to sit feet burning x x thank for the til though I need to get something to help as I work 40 week x x took last week off as I was exhausted


You only have too do a little work then your worn out and it takes ages to recover so you have to pace your self And yes get something to help you sleep even if it's only Ibrufen 500 mg


Yeah I currently take 75mg at night of amitripoline


May be you should up it ?


Yeah wil speak to Dr in morning x x soft hugs 😏


You got to get some sleep honey xx


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. Amitriptyline may not agree with everyone but it does contain a sedative component.

There are some others but many GP's are reluctant to prescribe sleeping pills as they are addictive after prolonged use. It may be more beneficial to discuss alternative pain medication as there are quite a few alternatives to try? You could raise Pregabalin, Gabapentin (neural inhibitors) or out-and-out pain killers such as Co-Codamol or anti-inflammatory drugs?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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