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Fatigue or Meds, cant work it out, any ideas?

Hi i am taking tramadol 2x 50mg, 75mg Amitriptyline at night and 5 x 800mg aciclovir (antiviral for reoccuring shingles) daily. Last night and today I am beyond tired, I am really struggling to keep my eyes open. Feel a bit out of it actually. I really struggle with sleep at night, so really do not want to sleep in the day, if I can hold out.

I have work this week, am worried this could be a side effect of meds ( Does state this, I have taken them many times before, but normally off work and sleeping / resting anyway). I have 4 mores days of the antiviral course. Do I stop and risk the shingles or take them, do what I can do and If too much just come home. I am just exhausted literally.

Any advice / tips?

Thank You a very sleepy Lou x

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Hi cam you just take half of the tablet ansd se e how you go with that but i think you really should either call your gp to check this or make an appointmen to see him as you never know but i know i have had tablets in the past and my gp has said well try taking half to see if it s ok love to you diddle x


Dear Lou,

so sorry to hear your dilemna. I can sympathise as I have had shingles twice in the last 2 months. It is important to finish the course of aciclovir, but if you could get to speak your Dr I think that would be the course to take.and do you have to work this week?

Gentle hugs x x x x Sue


Thank you Diddle and Sue, thing I will call GP in morning and Check.

Just trying to keep awake, just made a lemon cheese cake from scratch (normally do for parties etc, Hubby was amazed, "why you making that today", my reply "cause if I sit down I will be a sleep in seconds" good job ive only got to melt the butter lol.

I was on a course of aciclovir 400mg twice daily and was fine. But last week looked liked shingles was rearing it ugly head again so put me on higher course.

Sue,I feel for you as a fellow shingles suffer its so horrid and the pain on top of fibro is excruiating . I am always reading it is unsual for it to reappear, but this is my 5th flare of it since Christmas (is being investigated). So draining :(.

I can work if i dont have blisters (which I dont at moment) I really do need to work, as I have had so much sickness already this year.

But I have holiday and is fairly quiet at work, so might go in and see if a can do half days or books some days off.

Have a nice evening ladies speak soon Lou x x


Hi Lou, I sympathise. I try and remember back to when I was hardly taking any meds and didn't get the same sleepiness, but then I was younger and it's hard to know what it ageing, what is fibro and what is meds! I take Paroxetine, and I have put on weight with that so I also think that may be a variable. On the other hand, it might have nothing to do with it. They do say that you need the deep sleep in order to stop the daytime sleeping but which comes first!! The lack of sleep/quality sleep at night causing you to sleep in the day or sleeping in the day causing lack of sleep at night!! I find I can't fight the day time fatigue and could never cook a cheesecake! Having said that, when I've had to push myself through the sleep barrier I find I pay for it later in a headache usually! I occasionally take Zopiclone and noitced the last time I took it I didn't need to sleep the next day but that may be just coincidence! xx


You may also want to ask your GP if there is something else you could take in the short-term to help you cope while you're going through the shingles flare.

For example, how is your sleep quality on 75mg ami? Do you sleep well and wake refreshed? If not, that would suggest it isn't working or isn't working as well as you would hope. It's a common problem with Ami that it's effectiveness wears off with continued use and higher doses are needed, but these bring more side effects (including disrupting sleep further even if its still knocking you out at night). Hence why research doesn't support the use of Ami for Fibro long-term or at doses above 50mg. Even if you're on this for shingles pain as well, there are better meds for neuropathic pain now.


Thank u ladies for your kind words and advice, lindsey thank you for highlightening a few points, that have just flown right pass me. . ami has recently increased, yep taking for both, the pain is really bad at present. Sleep is Slightly improving, at a slow pace. Time for a med review on the cards. Will chat with gp, thank again lou x x


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