Sinusitis/blocked ear

Having trouble with sinusitis and a very blocked left ear...have been putting olive oil in ear 2x a day but not feeling any clearer - any ideas? Feels like the Eustachian tube blocked - not sure if infected as Doc couldn't see paas the wax.

Also any ideas about how to get rid of sinusitis? This is 3rd time in 12mths - too upteen courses of antibiotics to clear last time. Have got nasal douche which need to use but soo awful n messy. Did get myself a Salt pipe which use but probably need to use more often.

This has pulled me way down - 2wks of work now a wks hol which will again be devoted to trying to get healthier!

OH apt on Thurs - 8.30 so Nurse will see me at worst!

Big struggle at mo and just wondering what time I can go back to bed..again!

Anyway I'm still breathing so in with a chance...and the sun is shining

Best wishes

Julia N

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  • Have you tried good old fashioned steam ?? Big bowl of boiling water ( be careful !!) possibly with eucalyptus oil face over it with towel over head to capture the steam for 15 mins / 3 times a day ..... for a few days ? Get free facials included ! :-) Bit of a faff , but mighthelp....good luck

  • Hi,

    Tried that last time and in fact didn't help..the nasal douching is slightly more effective but v messy

  • My husband suffered badly with this and was eventually referred to ENT. He had an operation to strip the sinus linings, which was not pleasant but he has had no trouble since.

    If this is happening frequently, I would go back to your GP and ask to be referred, after all they keep on about overuse of antibiotics and this is what is happening to you.

  • HI,

    Thanks for this is the third time I would probably be able to get a referral now and although I don't fancy the idea of an op might be a long term solution, although no guarantees of course...but glad to know it has been for your husband. Hope yet!

  • jcnps I have had three ops over the years, non of them worked for me nor any medication ie antibiotics for prolonged periods. After a 5 month visit to the drier parts of Australia 6 years ago my problems were no longer. I've had slight bouts which made me think it was time for another trip :-D though they didn't get worse nor stay :-(

    Even though I was brought up in Australia catarrh and sinus problems had plagued me all my life. It could have been some medication as I had dry mouth and no lubrication in my eyes, my dry nose has been a more recent occurrence. I cannot actually relate the beginning of any of these problems to starting any medication but I am forgetful :-)

    Strange how these things affect us differently and change during our lives :-/

    Good luck :-)

  • Hi

    Thanks for that.

    Yes tis weird how these things change with no seeming changes made by us.

    Aint Mother Nature marvellous...

  • Steam as moo1967 advises I use Obis oil but need to do as many times as possible a day ensure you keep your eyes closed all the time


  • Hi,


    Solution for the time being is hot shower then nasal douche in shower - its so messy but this is ideal place

    Need to carry on after initial symptoms improved this time.

    Its all such a fiddle and when energy levels are so low beyond me! But need to put in the time and energy now improving a bit...there is no pill to cure it!!

  • Good Luck

  • I hadn't had sinusitis for a while but it started up again end of last year and I got sent initially for a ct scan then on the results a referral to an ENT clinic. They tried me on antibiotics and nose drops but as that didn't solve the problem I had surgery to drain them and widen the drainage channels. I won't pretend it was pleasant, but the relief of being able to breathe properly through my nose again was immeasurable!

    I had another attack in the summer for a couple of weeks so got re-referred but all is ok. Got different advice this time though - nasal douche and nose drops twice a day for three months and then go back. Sounds as if I might need to follow this regime permanently.

    I know we're not allowed to advertise here but the ENT nurse gave me a nasal douche bottle with sachets and it is very effective and not too difficult or messy once you get used to it and it does give your sinuses a thorough rinse.

  • Ah just what I managed to do this morning... in some ways it does feel good to be able to do something positive and thanks for saying about long term usage...

    Do you use boiled water? And - personal question - where do you use it? So messy over wash basin or do I just have to keep practising and get better technique?

    thought the steam in the shower would help prior to using it.

    Have some sachets but wondered about making my own solution?


  • Just realised missed part of your question. I use mine in the kitchen. There is a helpful video on YouTube that shows you what to do.

  • I use filtered water and heat it up for 25secs in the microwave then add the sachet and do the rinse. (my microwave might vary from yours so check the temperature first!! ) Then I rinse out, fill with cold water heat for 40 secs in the microwave put in a couple of drops of fairy liquid and slosh it about rinse and put empty bottle and tube in microwave for 50 secs. That well known on line retailer sells stands for storage. Also you are supposed to change the bottle every three months. Sounds fiddly but once you get used to it just becomes part of your daily routine.

    I was given a recipe for how to make my own solution but decided not to risk it in case of infection, so I bulk buy. None of it unfortunately is available on prescription but it probably works out cheaper any way.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks

  • Hi there

    I was diagnosed with nasal polys about ten years ago. I had a procedure where they removed the polyps and once again I could breathe through my nose!

    They did warn me that the polyps could grow back.

    Guess what! I am completely bunged up again, which I am sure is the cause of all of the headaches I am getting.

    I am going to ask my GP to refer me to ENT again.

    Have you ever been investigated for polyps. This bit sounds a bit gross, so if you are eating don't read the next bit ! :)

    If you get a mirror, tip your head back slightly and pull one of your nostrils gently upwards you may actually be able to see them.

    I hope some of this helps? After I had my polyps removed ten years ago I had to wear splints up my nose for two weeks and stay indoors as much as I could in case of infection.

    I was petrified that having the splints taken out was going to be seriously painful, but when it came to it, having them taken out was just slightly uncomfortable.

    I imagine that now the whole procedure will be very different. I had to have a GA for mine.

    As medicine has come so far now, I would think that it would just be a day case although I don't know. I must research it.

    Just for relief every so often I use a Beconase spray to clear my nose. This does work very well but if you use it constantly you end up getting what is called "rebound" and your symptoms end up a lot worse.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu xx

  • Thanks

    I have had some relief between these bout so doubt is polyps but thanks anyway and certainly worth bearing in mind

  • BlueMermaid3 is right - you can only use sinus meds for 7 days, if you use them for longer than that they will make your symptoms worse - I used to do 7 days on / 7 days off. It sounds gross but is rather effective - snorting salt water through a straw, which I'm guessing is what you mean by a douche. The only decongestant tablet I found any use was Ephedrine though as far as I know only one chemist sells it (it used to be in Sudafed Max but they took it off the shelves as people were using it to make Crystal Meth)

  • I bought a Neilmed sinus rinse from the chemist and this whooshes the solution up the nose without having to sniff it so less stressful on the nose.

    Worth investing in

  • I can commiserate I really can't ever been remember not having it, nothing has really worked for me although Olbas oil and the douches do give a bit if relief. I have had a blinding headache for three days now and I know it is sinus related I have just been using the salt spray. I keep on putting off going to my GP but getting completely fed up of it so will have to try and get an appt. If you find a solution please let us know.x

  • Hi,

    Finding the douche is more effective than a spray and a Salt Pipe helps me take deep breaths and maybe hopefully helps nasal passages too.

    I need to keep it going even when energy levels so low.

    Keeping the window open and staying out of central heating as much as possible helps too. Just sitting outside - wrapped up - in the green area away from the traffic helps too

    Thanks and good luck!

  • I agree with the fresh air totally I feel completely different when I can get out on a fresh, crisp day.x

  • Hi jcnps

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering with this issue and it is not something that I have. I have pasted you two links to the NHS Choices cache on these issues in case there is a treatment there that you have not yet tried?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with find an answer to this my friend, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Ken,

    Thanks - will have a good read..always open to ideas that might help...

    Julia N

  • Hi Ken,

    Have just had a good read and the biggest thing that I got from the articles is how LONG these things take to clear up.

    So no wonder I was thinking that maybe I'd developed clinical depression....realised that is just that good old reactive depression again...not at all surprising

    So time to treat myself with some compassion, read some inspiring literature and dust off the Christmas decs - bring back come joie de vivre....

    Thanks again

    Julia N

  • Good luck my friend and I sincerely hope that you do not have to wait too long for this to clear up for you.

  • Dealing with this life long deaf as child crushed sinus cavity then allergies big enemy buddies to dust & bacteria critters in water drains air need to all go away to rebuild immune sick of meds poking & pricking I use distilled or boil 10 min add salt garlic diluted not to burn for sinus rinse followed with hot steam bath oil of choice lavender is rather soothing anti fungal too or hot tea coffee or chicken broth to sip not snort occasionally popping ears pinching nose & blow gently 5 seconds or so until drainage moves warm garlic drops to ears sweet oil for pain & heat pad has helped most of course garlic onions in food as much as possible hot peppers are great too looking for better ways for apple cider vinagar healing powers hope something here may help just be well...X~Dix😘

  • Hi Julia I have like a little cup with a plastic nose/mouth cover I use Vicks jelly only use a small amount as it's quite overpowering but you can buy menthol and eucalyptus from the chemist - I bought the inhaler thingymejig - quite a few years ago now from Coopers magazine and it clears the gunge when I have a cold or feel stuffy with my asthma - and it isn't at all messy - previous to this I called into a health shop and they recommended these tiny white tablets can't fit the life of me remember what the name was - so maybe try that but obviously check they won't clash with your medications. Wish you the best of luck let's know how you get on. Take care 😘😘😘

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