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Got an Ear infection so got antibiotics :-(

My ear has been playing up a bit but never fussed about it, guess all pain relief am on i did not feel it much, but had high pitch noises in my ears and i hear noises and ask does anyone else hear them ...nope just me , then i will act as if i am following the noise it gets louder .

I have constant noise in right ear but my left ear is infected

I cannot even touch it, so guess thats why it hurts boo

Ohh well just something else to add to list

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I have high pitch noises adnd a sore ear but I thought the noises was OH ill fitting hearing aids they whistle and sing like anything. It is annoying xgins


Lol yes its what its like gins i was in Dr's and had to laugh, he kept asking me to come forward so i kept bending over in chair 4 times i did this and eventually cottoned on he wanted me to pull my chair forward to look in my ear ohhh so funny as i was saying excuse my hair its like been dipped in chip fat . I was laughing so much after it tickled me (brain confusion ) xxxxxxhehe


You poor thing FC! Ear infections can really hurt so I hope that the antibiotics start to work very soon. As for the odd noises, I suffer from tinnitus which is fairly common with Fibro I believe. I have different noises in each ear but it is the loud clicking noises coming from my left ear that really annoy me. They can actually be heard by other people too so I have taped them to take along to the specialist that I see next week! Hope you feel better soon. Jane x


oh no poor you , do u have banana medicine ? that is the problem with the pain killers they can mask things , it happened to me when i had a kidney infection , get well soon lovely lady xx


Banana medicine lol? No idea i see that as penicillin as i did wrk in pharmacy for 8 yrs and thats what we called the ones that smelt if banana xxx


yes thats it its yuk ! xx


Acouple of years ago I was constantly at the doctors with ear ache. We came to the conclusion that the wind was making it worse and I now wear hats with ear flaps in the winter to try and stop it from happening. Seems to work so far.

I have tinnitus, undiagnosed, for me it's a sort of white noise which gets gradually louder until I can't concentrate and then suddenly cuts off.


I understand about the meds we take can mask other pains like ear infections as I found out with my left ear.

I first noticed like my ears were full off water whenever I lent my head to the side & I kept losing my balance

It was early hours in the morning that I ended up at A&E because it felt like the whole left side of my head was going to explode as I waited my whole body was shaking & i was sweating like mad & it was the receptionist that noticed & she actually went into back were the doctor was & he came out & gave me tramadol to help with the pain as my body wasn't coping & finally when it was my turn to go in the doctor couldn't believe that I was still in so much pain even though the gave me the tramadol 45 minutes earlier but bless when they tried to examine my ear they couldn't believe that I my ear was actually closed...Well I was sent to see a specialist at another hospital . I ended at the hospitals Friday Saturday & Sunday in total 4 trips & I ended up on more meds ear drops antibiotics & having a wick put in to help open it up for the ear drops & finally on the last visit I had my ear drained as I had a severe inner & outer ear infection which took 4 weeks to clear because al my other meds had masked pain.

So sorry it so long lol the brain fog doesn't help xx


Hi everyone

I was a bit down last nite tearful as bit fed up one thing after another its time of month (again or not or missed) think my toughy attitude has had a knock and i just got so upset and hubby cuddled me and my daughter as they know i carry on and focus, but we do have to let it out sometimes i guess.

The ear is uncomfortable but i am managing as like odd comments above its other meds i believe mask how bad it is.

My ear feels almost closed up and the slightest touch i hit through roof,

As for noise that seems to have moved in but in opposite ear and turns itself up and down lol which that not bothering me at moment,

Like gins said an earing aid whistling lol the volume is ok at minute.

I used to suffer as a kid then when i started Audio typing i could never wear the head phones i suffer ezma in my ears and always scratting but used to it.

Once i was in A&E with ear ache.

Another temporary glitch its before christmas so fingers crossed will go, and am glad other meds mask the pain because i prob be screaming lol

Well Thanks again and i hope this posts because also getting annoyed with my sensitive fingers (my stylus pen is rubbish) that spend all this time to then OOPS .

Thats why no reply and i backspace etc am quite nifty with computers as used since i was a kid always loved Typing too this i never wanna give up xxxxx


Another doctor said it was Eczema in my ears but had never heard of it being (only) there before so interesting to hear you mention it.


I get a lot of ear pain withthe menieres and sometimes sounds are so loud they make me jump. I hope it gets better soon for you xxxxx


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