Ear pain and inflammation

Just wanted to share an observation. Had a back and foot massage along with a lot of pain while getting it in shoulder joints, and tissue and muscles in back. As i was getting massaged, my ear became very painful, which has been bothering me with inflammation and pain for almost 3 weeks, and then it got better as the massage continued and it is not burning and in pain anymore. Very interesting! Wonder why massage would aggravate at first and then help it? Grant you..it hurt like heck when getting it done, but my back feels better and my ear. Hmmm?

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  • That is very strange? Not sure I can give you an answer though? The only thing that I can think of is that any inflammation moved during the massage as you were laying down? Hence altering the pain?

    I would just love a good foot massage about now! I had a shower and now my feet are aching something awful. I think it is connected to my sciatic nerve compression as it always aches after a shower.

    I am delighted to read that your back is feeling better as a result of your massage. I genuinely hope that it remains pain free for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken....not sure either. Very strange. I knew i had to take the pain during the massage to loosen up my tight muscles. I feel so much better. Interesting how your feet are bad after a shower. My feet are terrible after i sit down for awhile and get up. I almost cant walk on them without so much stiffness. It gets better as i move. Sorry for your nerve pain. It is awful.

  • Sorry to hear that but hopefully today will be a good day and less pain. I know after I get a good back message it gives me a massive headache. But if they massage the lower back it helps relive all my pain in my feet n legs. Then I have to get up and move again, then my body knows the pain is back. Nobody will work on me any more they are afraid it will make me worse. Chiropractors won't even touch me. Lol this crazy body

    I got love it ,it's all I got so I am still blessed I have all u to talk to laugh n cry with. Thanks everybody

  • Sorry iciic....we do have to work with what we have. I am still walking so i am grateful. I can see and hear too. My ear pain was bad last night, but a cotton ball seems to help. Today it is not too bad.

    I go to a chiropractor still from signing up for a year. I think they thought they were going to make money off of me. Ha! I am there 2 times a week to get my back and hips realigned. Its been almost 6 months and i am not better. You know how they say come 3 x a week, and your muscles will get back to where they ought to be. Not me. My back lights up like a christmas tree still from inflammation and spasms. Oh well. At least i get relief after i get adjusted.

    Hope you have a good day!

  • Glad to hear it helps u it use to help me but not anymore it make my body go into crippling spasms. So I just find relief on my own. But several on this sight make me laugh n that is like meds to me

  • Maybe the fluid in the ear was moved so as to affect the pain movement? That would mean y might have fluid in ear I guess ie congestion????

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