No matter what i have tried, perscribed, herbal over counter, sleep tea, LUSH sleep lotion which costs a bomb, candles, soft music, black out blinds, aromatherapy oils, fragrance plugins, u name it ive tried it.....but i am truly at my witts end with being the only one thats wide awake every night for days and days on end. My dr doesnt have a clue how to help me or where to refer me to as i struggle both gettin to sleep n then staying asleep too. So unless i had sleep apnoea which i dont, or can get to sleep but cant stay asleep, which i also cant, then he doesnt know what consultant or specialist to refer me to. So i have been left to just get on with it......No surprises there then. Surly there must be something out there that can help with getting more than a couple hours sleep each night, if that???? Any ideas or names of things that truly work n will defo help, will be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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  • Hello your body needs sleep so it can repair it now these drugs are addictive but they work Called Loranzipam they are a sleeping pill You will get 6/7 hours sleep Ask your Docter for them I'm not a Docter Yougot to have slept honey

  • Thank u, think they all addictive tbh but im on morphine so that ent nothing compared lolz.

    I will ask my gp for some, thats if i havent had them already as i have been given so many i cant remember all the long weird names they have. Just dunno what gonna do long term as dont wanna stay on em forever.

    But even a few hours sleep every couple of nights would be amazeballs #FingersAndToesCrossed

  • Hi

    The above is a good article on insomnia. It's horrible isn't it? Nothing worse than lying there watching the clock.

    Have you tried sleeping tablets? Sometimes using them for a few weeks enables your mind and body to get back into a sleep routine.

    It's usually our minds that keep us awake........I always think, wouldn't it be great if there was an OFF button!!

    Good luck


  • Yes it is horrible. Sadly none of the gps sleeping tablets have done anything to help reset my sleep clock. I have tried like 5 or 6 lots of diff ones now and only 1 out of them lot put me to sleep for the 1st night then decided not to do anything for the following nights 😔. Oh how a off button would be truly fab #WishfulThinking

    Thank u for the luck & the link, i shall have a read.


  • Why 10 out of10 for trying my lovely just lookin at other people replys as well ask doc for something I know they don't like keeping you on sleeping tabs but he could suggest something to break the circle i had temporary zimovane 7.5 I didn't wake up drozzy took hour before bed and managed 8hrs I've still a box here as it broke the circle and being anxious about bedtime . Don't be robbed off stand your ground try and get the same doc as well for follow ups as they get to know you and your history don't take excuses from receptionist mine now says see you in a month go to desk and they have to pre book it .Get on the phone Monday morning let us know how you get on and wishing you well there's nothing worse than being permanently tired please take xxxx

  • Thank u for ur help and wonderful advice hun, i have taken those already and didnt do anything ☹️.

    Im not usually the type to keep my trap shut and usually dont take no for an answer but with this im just kinda lost as to where as to go next.

    I did think about going online yo find some private sleep clinics and consultants etc and call them up n just ask if they will accept an nhs patient n explain that none of the gp,s know what to do with me so could they help at all in anyway? Worth a try at least i think so im gonna call around monday. I do see the same gp if i can even tho have to wait weeks on end just to get an appointment with any GP nowadays but thought id try others to see if they had any ideas but nope.

    Will update u once called around private clinics.

    Thank u again huni xxx

  • Hi sweetie just got my laptop back from 7year old granddaughter , let me know how you get on you look so young love your picture keep in touch I'm always here havin off day but friends gonna pick me up and make dinner later as I did for them last Sunday, think everything hit me today will be X-rays blood tests speak to sleep apnea team cause machine giving me headaches just seems us fibros keep getting extra stuff happening and we don't need It , let you know how I get on but I'll be mummy figure (56) cause hate seeing you youngest struggling sending hugs xxxx it's me on the rite my oldest on the left one of each my lad was 9lb 1oz I was quite tiny build years ago after that no more

  • Haha your grandaughter just reminded me of my 2 when they were that age lol.

    Now they have their own gadgets so thankfully i dont have to share lol.

    Thank u for saying i look so young, that has made my day as i will be 33 on the 20th this month so not so young anymore lol. Hope your day improved and thats really nice of your friends to return the favour on an off day especially, which im sure helped u loads.

    Didnt mamage to get round to it yesterday as i have about 101 things going on that i must get sorted asap.

    I urgently needed to go to the bank aswel yesterday (monday) and i managed to sleep through almost the whole day from 9am after my kids left for school until 3:20pm!! When i woke up i could have kicked myself so bad!! I h8 falling asleep during the day times as i hate waisting the days plus not being there for my kids on weekends etc when they are not at school and also because my labrador Toby who will be 2 in November wouldnt have gotten any attention or taken out for his play time/walks either n it makes me feel so so guilty 😢.

    Im aiming to get to the bank today as that is a massive MUST but have been awake all night which i know sleeping till 3:20pm yesterday would have had a huge impact on that this evening.

    So im gonna just lay here now n see if i dose off but if not which is more the case, then im gonna get up n dressed when the alarm goes off for the kids school run then get my bum down the bank pronto.

    Awww thank u that is really nice of u, ill happily accept your mummy figure gesture 😁. Oh wow your daughter sure does look the spitting image of you. U dont look anywhere near 56 neither. I have one of each, my daughter is now 12 & my son will be 10 in November. WOW 9lb 1, i was 9lb 9 born haha.

    My son was my heaviest at 7lb 9oz but he decided to come 3weeks early (luckily) or i would have prob been in the same position as u lol. Thank u for being there, its nice to have real support.

    Hope u have a good pain free day, big hugs back 💖XXX💖💖XXX💖

  • Yes plz let me know how u got on at all your appointments, hope they all went well n u had all good news.

    Ive got a drs app for the 6th November which is the earliest they can do for the dr i see (awful i kno) xxx

  • Hi there now come back yes fracture still there so left note with the worst receptionest ever doesn't smile and always off (lady at X-ray said doc will see if it's gonna be physio. Well ur a young 33 looking ,thanks for your lovely comments too yes people say we look alike she was my premature baby 3half weeks early 5lb 2oz and then the big one he's over 6ft . Trouble is you need to sleep my lovely I know it's annoying but think of it as a recharge while the children at school I'm trying really hard to think of something that will help you sleep at nite don't think your husband will thank me for this you know when they play background soft chilling music at the beauty parlours wonder if you put a cd on burn a lavender candle , I'm sure you have tried this do you have warm bath just before bedtime with some radox few drops of some nice smelling essence I sometimes get up if I can't sleep make a warm hot choccie I've been know to eat a small bar of chocolate at 2 in the morning then drop off. I even tried on my lap top dolphin whale music that runs for ages . Well I need a rocket today so much to do and I'm thinking I want to sleep grrrrrr rite now it's only 1130. That's awful 6th Nov I'm hearing so many people waiting what annoys me sometimes is when our surgery flashes up on board a large number of people who haven't turned up and people like you really need to be seen . Write down any thoughts or problems even if you start now what is happening . Don't let them rush you be heard I take some notes it does help so you don't forget anything on the day. Mummy figure signing out for now love YASMINTINA xxxx

  • Hi I buy Sleepeze tablets or similar from the chemist and they really help not as strong as prescription sleeping pills. X

  • Tried all those, still with no luck but thank u for ur suggestions. So happy they work for u though, thats great X

  • Try doing deep relaxation(look at you tube. Also I find passionflower tea is quite good.......failing that watch parliament live for an hour that sends most folk to sleep, even the MPs

  • Hahaha i have tried all the other things u listed but i shall most defo give the parliment rubbish a go. Never thought of that one and its prob the bestest suggestion i have heard lol.

    Will let u kno how it goes

    Thanks again 😊😉

  • Has your doc not tried a referral to sleep clinic? They're not perfect but get it right much of the time

  • He told me that he didnt know which one to send me to as the sleep clinics only deal with people that have sleep apnea or can fall asleep no problem but cant stay asleep and i dont have sleep apnea and i cant get to sleep nor stay asleep so its a non starter really

  • interesting. I didn't know that. When they crop up on TV they're a panacea. Of course you realise they have to make good tv etc.

  • The kind of deep relaxation excercises I'm suggesting is almost like self hypnosis. I used to work in a big trauma centre in resus. We'd get all kinds of horrible things through the was hugely stressful. Some mornings I'd get home and I'd be shaking and couldn't get what I'd seen out of my head. I'd be waking up every 10 mins having bad dreams and I felt like I was going a wee bit crazy with the stress. The self hypnosis worked for for the full strength passionflower tea, that would knock an elephant out. Youd have to buy that online mind you. I was doing that job with fibromyalgia too....and it was really really hard going. I got by on adrenaline alone.....most evenings I was so exhausted and sore I'd be crying. Then I'd have to go back and do it all over again

  • Oh wow, i can only imagine how hard mentally & physically that would have been 4u.

    Whats exactly in the full strength passion flower tea that would knock elephants out???

    I act had self hypnosis b4 n that didnt do squit for me, it was to do with weightloss mind u, not for sleep. I do listen to an app thats called insight timer which i have found very good, altho it doesnt always put me to sleep as u can prob tell from the time it is now (5:40am).

  • The passionflower tea is a Legal lightly sedating tea. I used to use 2 tea bags. I would get a great sleep after drinking it and no groggy hangover the next day

  • What wakes you thoughts noise pain or a combination of just everything I know that my hair touching my face is irritating the life out of me at mo as are my covers even with pain some nights sleep happens but it's things touching me that wakes me maybe knowing what wakes you all the things that wake you will help, maybe it's just me lol xxxxxxxxx

  • I cant get off to sleep most of the time, but if i do on a rarity then ill only sleep 2hrs max. It used to b 3 to 4 but not for a few weeks now sadly. I really have no clue what it is that wakes me. I dont think its pain coz i take all my pain cocktail when i go to bed so dont usually have any pain at all then. Its not noise either so i really couldnt tell u. Lol nope its not just u haha.

    I could so do with a new matress but just cant afford the one i would need for my spine as there just so expensive ££. Xxxx

  • U should tie ur hair up or plat it at night that should help solve that problem xxx

  • I will do that xxxxxxxx

  • Hmm this is not good. How do you know you have not got sleep apnea? As this is what happens, sudden waking up a few hours after going to sleep. I would give a sleep clinic a try. You stay there for a night and they monitor you.

    Some other things to try, go caffeine free for 2 week trial, thats no coffee, tea, choc or cola. Take no vitamins at night. B can keep you awake. Turn off screens, phone 1.5 hours before bed. The bright light keeps your brain in awake mode. Go for a walk about 4 hours before bed time. If this is not safe, get an exercise bike and ride for a while, gently. Start with 5 minutes and work up the time.

    I used a honeycomb or eggcrate foam mattress topperer when I first got fibro. Cheaper than a new mattress. Have a chat to the pharmasist, not the girl at counter but the person with the pharmacy qualification, write down all your meds and ask if any of them could be causing sleep problems.

    I guess you have tried all the relaxation things but sex is grwat for leaving you relaxed and easing pain. 😆 St Johns Wort or other name Valerian is a herbal supplement that can help relax you prior to sleeping.

    No electrical appliances such as tv or computers in your bedroom. Also you may be sleeping on a lay line. Move bed to another room for a trial period.

    You need to practice good sleep hygiene, google it. Same bedtime every night and many other things to try.

    When we have fibro it is essential to get good quality sleep. Without it you are setting youself up for a serious carbaccident or further health problems. You can fix this. Good luck dear one.

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