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Fybro takes on sinusitis = exorcist

Been feeling yuk .. So went to gps yesterday... Hes not the most tactful gp so to hear him say you look awful as I lurched into his room made me feel good I hate wasting gps time. I have a stress migraine caused by running around after post op hubby .. Got usual meds for that and I have sinusitis got antibiotics for that... New antibiotics as I am highly sensitive to most.... Got home read the instructions twice to make sure I had it right.. Took 2 immediately as directed with full glass of water.... 20 mins later hit by stomach cramps .. Tried to get to the bathroom only to decorate the hall with projectile green vomit in an exorcist kind of way.. Carried on till every bit of my green antibiotics were not attacking my sinuses but eating through the hall carpet... Have to take one at 10 am ... Am taking it in the bathroom.. I hope this one stays down as I dont want to have to phone gp and tell him of yet another antibiotic that doesn't suit.... Does anyone else find they have problems with lots of meds...

VG :(

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Yup it goes with the plot hope you feel better soon :) xgins


On a positive note the newly clean hall carpet is glowing with health.. Apart from a few missing tufts....

VG :)


Hi that happpens to me and my Dr just says "well you are a mystery arnt you!! what are we going to do with you? " and laughs or tuts!! thought it was just me lol Hope your better soon. I am on some at the moment "touch wood" am ok :-)


Oh, VG, that's the last thing you need at the moment! Hope the next one goes down a bit better. How's the OH doing after his op? Are you and your son coping ok? xx


Hiya second tablet has stayed down husband is recovering well despite finding out he has lost his belly button... I roll my eyes here ... If I could lose my belly button and be cured of fibro..... No competition but no he is gazing mournfully at his stomach about 20 times an hour whimpering.... Have started calling him et and waggling my finger... I am so heartless... Son is being really obnoxious due to all the routine change... We expected it....

How is your bf.... Is he recovering and how are you coping x

HUgs VG x


Mine's doing a good job of whimpering, too! ;) He's on the mend, though - and hasn't lost his belly button, despite this being his 3rd abdominal op; they just cut through his old scar-line, slightly to the right of the navel. Had his 41 staples out today, and is due to come home this afternoon, barring any catastrophe in the meantime. He's still being sick a lot, but the surgeon told him that - as the surgery was extensive, and quite high up the digestive tract, he'll have a lot of inflammation that will cause the small bowel to close off occasionally and anything that can't go down has to go somewhere ... But he was so much better when we went to visit him yesterday than he had been the day before, and I have to keep reminding him that he needs to expect a low degree of pain, as it was a big op! They haven't told him 6-12 weeks off work because they want him to have a little holiday!

Glad you're all managing to get by, there. Your son is bound to be thrown off by the change in routine, but I guess you're used to handling it by now, however difficult it may be at times. Hang in there, VG! Gentle hugs xx


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