So much pain

Hi everyone I have been in pain for a long time now I have pain in my neck, lower back, hands, and feet I had my blood test results and the doctor said I have border line tyrod and vitimum d dififincy I have pain all over my body first thing in the morning and find it so hard to motivate myself during the day I just feel so tired and exhausted can anyone give me some advice please x

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  • Hi Angal,

    I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment, and I really feel for you and fervently wish I could make the pain go away for you, sadly as we all know I can't, but the intention is there. You mention the borderline thyroid and vit D deficiency but you don't say if you have had a proper diagnosis of fibro, I take it you have. With that in mind could I suggest you take a look at our mother site where you will find a lot of useful information

    Fibro is such a complex thing and there are other things which can run closely with it, like the throid issue. I'm sue everyone here knows exactly what you are saying about waking with pain and it being hard to motivate oneself, I certainly do, and often find myself having to take a nap just to get through the day, of course if I'm not flaring things are slightly easier.

    You couldn't have found a better place to come for help, support and friendship and I much look forward to getting to know you better around the forum.

    Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way 😀

    Foggy x

  • Thank u for your reply I haven't been told I have fibromyalgia I have only seen the doctor the once I am going back 29th of this month I feel so confused x

  • Oh bless you, I imagine you are and with good reason, nothing really makes sense until you've got a proper diagnosis, I lived like that for years and then was told that over 25 previously I'd had a diagnosis of fibrositis which is what it was known as back then. I really thought I was going mad, but once my GP did the trigger point test (which is something you might like to ask you doctor to do - if he or she knows anything about fibro they will understand it, if they don't, then I would be asking for a second opinion) and told me, everything fitted into place. I do really hope that your GP is understanding of fibro, it makes life so much easier, the other thing you could ask for if your GP isn't up to speed on fibro is for a referral to a rheumatologist.

    I'm sure others will join me in helping you, so do stick around, we I think are a pretty good bunch, and have all been through similar things to what you are experiencing and though we cannot diagnose at all, we can all empathise.

    Just a final thought, when you mentioned to your GP about all the pain, were you given any medication at all and if so could I ask what ?

    Take great care of you 😀😀

    Foggy x

  • I know it's a little late but good morning my friend hope your ok I didn't get to sleep till 4 am in so much pain x

  • Just a quickie to say hallo and welcome you to the forum. It is horrible when you don't have a clear diagnosis. It is amazing how many people with fibro have low vitamin D levels and thyroid problems. This morning pain and feeling of fatigue is actually a classic symptom but can also mimic other things so a correct diagnosis would be good for you as you would know what you are working with.

    Like Foggy I wish that we could take the pain away but it is a matter of living with it and findng ways of making life easier for yourself. Foggy has given you excellent advice in looking at our mother site as there is a wealth of information on there. If you wish to stay with your GP and you are diagnosed with fibro but they have little knowledge of the illness there is a pack that can be sent to them that explains it. This can be sent anonymously.

    Please let us know how you get on at your next appointment.x

  • Oh thank you it feels so good to be able talk to someone I'll let u know how I get on bless u Hun xxx

  • Good morning my friend hope your ok it's so nice to have someone to talk to x

  • I was wondering if your GP / Medical Specialist has prescribed anything for you? You sound like you could use some kind of pain relief? This may be something worth discussing with your doctor? And there is a lot out there that you could discuss with them.

    If your doctor is willing to prescribe them, and you are deemed suitable to use them there are medications that helps combat fatigue also. The main drug is called ''Amantidine''. Again, it is something that you could discuss with your GP?

    If you have not been prescribed Vitamin D supplements already, then you could pop along to the shops and buy a bottle. The bought supplements are of a lower strength than the prescribed ones, but this is good, as you can overdo vitamin D. Most pound shops sell a bottle for a £1, so they are good value for money.

    I personally pace myself with everything that I do in my day-to-day life, and this has helped me a great deal to combat pain and fatigue. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I know it's a little late but I just wanted to say good morning hope your ok I didn't get to sleep till 4 am in so much pain x

  • Good morning Angal

    Only just come on the site as we have had to do our shopping now having a well earned rest and a cuppa. Hope as the day goes on you feel a bit better.

    Isn't it horrible when you feel you could actually drop off to sleep when it is time to get up.x

  • Hi my love it is horrible when u feel like that but I guess that's how our life is now my son calls me noddy as Iam always nodding off lol x

  • Better name than Big Ears. Just brought back funny memories of some little china figurines that I used to collect that depicted Noddy, Big Ears, Mrs Fluffie Cat and Mr Plod the Policeman. Many years back my mother had decided to dust for me and as soon as I came in scuttled off back home very quickly which was unusual for her. The next time I went to dust I picked up Noddy and both legs came off. I found out she had dusted, broken him and propped his broken legs up and popped the rest of him back on top hoping I would not notice. Reminded me a bit of our broken fibro bodies look okay from the outside but nevertheless on closer examination broken.

    It always amazes me how tired we can be in the day but when many of us get to bed at night we are suddenly wide awake.!

  • It is good evening now as I have only just got online. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you did not have such a good night. I sincerely hope that you have a better night tonight my friend x

  • Low VitD will cause aches and pains, and it sounds as though your thyroid should be treated too. Ask the doctor to test your levels of B12 as this is often low if VitD is low. Hope you get some treatment soon, and begin to feel better. MariLiz

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