He spent night in Morrison Hospital Swansea and had his operation at 9.30 this morning, he fell down a bank and cut his hand on glass, he had severed his nerves so he cut it pretty badly, he is still there and they haven't told his parents when he can come home, my daughter said that he was being very brave and only cried when they said he had to stay in but I think he must have been afraid his parents had to leave him there all night by himself. Waiting anxiously for him to come home.

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  • Poor little boy. Horrid for him to go through all that. Hope he gets home soon and makes a good recovery.

  • awwwwwww bless, poor wee mite. hope he gets better very soon so he can go home. so upsetting for them when they are so young. :(

    hugs xx

  • Aww bless hope he's OK ☺

  • Hay Poppy-poppy

    Remember when my oldest daughter was diagnosed diabetic at 2yrs and 10months, for parents back then, bed side manners didn't exist. Now, 37 yrs on, I am starting to worry about my 5yr old grandson.

    I thought being a parent was bad enough, we laid in to the Consultant Team at a Nurses Conference in 1983, much to the cheering by the South West Nurses, told them what was what, and resulted in massive changes to parental treatment across the whole hospital.

    You have lots of gentle hugs, shoulder rubbing and support, fingers crossed he comes through ok, and you are kept up-to-date. Don't accept the brush-off by consultants or nurses, you are direct family line, so are entitled to the same consideration as the parents.

    Always here if you need a shoulder, been through so much including loosing youngest daughter at 35yrs old. Take care of yourself, you are not much good to your daughter, if you are not healthy and strong.

    Love and comfort, Hayesider xxx

  • Everything is crossed for him!

  • Awe. Poor man. I'm glad it came out ok. I hope he doesn't have to stay too long.

  • Have only just read your other post as it has been one of those days. Brave little chap do hope all ends well. Do let us know how he gets onx

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish him all the best of luck my friend!

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