another victim of ATOS

few weeks ago i had some very bad news a man i had know all my life had commited suicide he had hanged himself, he was a lovely fella only 52 all he ever wanted was a family of his own, sadly that did not happen, he was made redundant a few years ago and tried very hard to get a new job, his best friend who was my cousin died 3 years ago alchohol related only 41, and he never got over it fell into depression actually went to hospital and asked them to help him as he felt like he wanted to harm himself or someone they kept him in for the night and made an app for him to see a phyciatrist went to gp put on antidepressants, sinking lower and lower his doctor wrote him a sicknote and told him to try to claim esa he would back him, so he did and got sent for from ATOS who gave him a clean bill of health and said there was nothing wrong with him and stopped his money, a week later his sister found him it was 3 years since my cousin had died, to the day awful, how many more people is this going to happen to? and why is this government letting it happen, its beggars belief , totally unfair and so wrong


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  • I am so sorry to hear this. I too was treated shamefully at my medical and I have appealed the decision (only got 6 points and needed 15). The nurse actually told lies - one of them was that I could crouch down to the floor and stand again normally. This was totally untrue - I could no more do that than do a cartwheel! I have written to ASOS to complain and sent a copy to DWP. I don't think that a non family members complaint would be accepted but please try and pursuade his Sister to write a formal complaint. I am sorry for your loss and may he rest in peace x

  • This is happening and its so so wrong! This flipping Government want getting rid asap if they are not got out there will be lots more people that just cant cope with these situations! Its so sad :( I myself have been on the brink of finishing everything, the only thing that keeps me going is I have two lovely Sons so I must fight the Gov, Atos and the DWP. My heart goes out to everybody who has lost someone all down to Atos and the incompetent idiots they have working for them x

  • I am so sorry to read about your loss and the burden he had to endure before he even was seen by this fake medical team known as ATOS . its NOT RIGHT WHAT THIS GOVERNMENT IS DOING TO THE WEAK AND VULNERABLE . :-(

  • deeply saddened, my heart goes out to you and his family..

  • What annoys me is if they deem you fit for work, where are the bloody jobs anyway?? The unemployment figures recently released show an increase of 70,000 people now out of work. If there's no jobs for them, how on earth can they expect us to get work??? XX

  • So sorry to hear your loss, I have been at that low point many times myself, it`s my kids that keep me going, have been battling with ATOS, and tribunals for over a year now, even though I have a inoperable brain tumour, as well as fibro,arthritis,osteoporosis,depression, I have another medical with ATOS, tomorrow morning, really dreading it, please encourage your friends family, to report them,take them to court, or even better still, take this tragic story to the news papers,, they should`nt be allowed to get away with it, it`s disgusting, my thoughts are with you,

  • thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, going to talk to his sister about taking it to newspapers but im waiting a while as its very sore for them



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