Is it a man thing????

Firstly my apologies to the men on here.... its not aimed at you!

Last night my better half was in a lot of pain with his knee, he's had problems for years, but was really hurting him last night. The thing is, he got a bit grumpy with me because he was in pain. I turned around and said 'thats how I feel all the time' I tried my best to cheer him up, but he really wasn't very happy at all.

I am in pain 24/7 and wasn't feeling too good yesterday, but I went and got him heat relief and pain killers and didn't talk too much in case I upset him. I said he had man flu in his knee :-D that at least made him smile.

Do men not deal with pain the same as women? Would love to know your views!!

Hoping everyone is having a gentle, easy day xxxx

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  • Simple answer NO

    they want you to feel sorry for them and attend them even through you cant move yourself.

  • ;-) Will have to see what hes like when he gets home from work today!!! Already got a hot bath waiting for him and pain killers so I can go back to bed :-D

  • my ex was always worse than me be it a cold or back pain etc ,,, if he had of lived with fibro i think he would have cracked up lol

  • To be honest most men would... sorry guys!!!! x

  • Hi misskittycat,

    My man always whinges about everything, and i say that if i had to whinge at him it would be constant lol.

    I take any meds possible to try and make me feel better but he wont he just whinges and lies there expecting everyone to run after him.

    If an argument does start i say to him in anger that at 'least you will be better at some time but i havent yet so proberbly never will'.

    He has started longer hours this week and he came back and looked exhausted last night and you could tell he didnt want to talk much so i left him alone as i know how it feels, but he doesnt leave me alone when i am so tired.

    I always think, right i am not going to run after you when your ill, but i am not like that i would run around after him. (more fool me though).

    Cant live with them cant live with out them, lol. :)

    kel xxxx

  • What you just said struck a nerve... I take anything I can to make the pain go away, but he will sit or lie there saying that he is trying to work through it.... until I crack and literally force painkillers down his neck!

    I might use what you said if he carries on though.... the 'at least you'll be better' ..... some people don't think do they....

    Hugs Kel xxxx

    PS true... can't live with em!!!!!

  • :) like :) xxxx

  • Like back!!! :-)

  • my hubby says that he could not cope with fibro and does not know how I do. Yet he has diabetic neuropathy, plantar faccitis & other painful conditions.

  • I think its because we have all over pain... and some people find that hard to think about... but bless him for saying that xx

  • so true MissKittycat, I coped better when it was in one place in the very beginning now its everywhere I have trouble coping :0(

  • Sending you a huge gentle hug xx I know how you feel xx

  • Lol Jules!!!! We have to tell them sometimes don't we!!!!

    He's just got home and read this blog and he's gone off into the bathroom for his bath smiling to himself.... :-D

  • They are the weeker sex bless then i mean if men had period pain and child birth we world population would be greatly reduced ... and well we like to be kind to them so gentle hugs all round x

  • Lexie it sounds like your GP hasn't got a clue!!!! I'm not surprised you stared at him...

  • OOps fibro fog kicking in... meant to say Jules..... I think I had better go and lay down for a while!

  • I tried to explain to my 'better half' what contractions were like - and when I said they were like a diverticulitis attack (which he suffers from) he sort of knew what I was on about... and he knew what period pain was like when I hit him in his balls..... Well he shouldn't upset me LOL!!! Ps the hit in the balls was an accident.. really! :-)

  • You make me laugh lol.xxxx

  • :-D

  • Will do!!! his listening to a podcast on his ipod in the bath so can't see what I'm doing now!!!!!

  • Enjoy your sarnie! Brie and cranberry for me and a muller crunch corner... Yum!

  • Ehhh big NO men do not deal with pain like we do sorry men out there but i have been married twice and had couple partners and they have always been terrible when they were ill or had pain except if there mates were there then they were fine at work/pub etc soon as the key in front door it turns them to wimps and again i apologise to any men on here you arethe exception actually love to you all diddle x

  • So true!!! Xx

  • this made me chuckle, they just dont get it do they....bless em! lol :-)

  • You have all given me a laugh but it's all so true!!!! :-)) Ruby xx

  • lol funny, my Tommy had to have a tetanus injection yesterday, he felt so sorry for himself all last night, his arm was hurting and it felt heavy, bless him, a 6ft 4 ex-marine and hes crying over an injection, I think we chronic pain sufferers get used to pain and cope quite well most of the time.

    Irene x

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