i received a call out of the blue from a man i have been talking to on the phone texting and .emailing for three years.we have never met paul is a naturalist.. i guessed this meant he loved the birds and bees ....little did i know.

anyway he was in wembley sorting out seating and security for diplomats at games. and was close enuff for a visit paul is aware of all my illness problems and we get on very well so i said come on over.

this gorgeous six tfoot three man not an ounze off extra weight on him (ask me I should know) with peircing blue eyes and a lovely shock of grey/white hair rang my buzzer.

he sat down and we were chatting quite fine he asked if he could take his shoes off. Me being the typical zimabawean bred idiot that i am said to him make yourself totally at home my home is your home


he said are you sure and i said yes totally at home.

he then too his shirt off and i caught the flash of a lovley well built golden chest . to be followed by the rest..... and i mean all of the rest.

i did not know where to look looking down would be well you know and looking up all the time was proving difficult. and i was embarassed that i had to find out this way what a naturalist is....he was quite comfortable in just his skin... i felt hot flushes well thats what i will call them lol. he did not try anything dont know if that was good or bad lol but for infomation of the dumb like me a naturalist is a nudist...... petal

ps we are still friends but i will be careful what i say in future.

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  • lol how funny but if soe one told me they were a naturist i would tell them straight out well i am not so whilst i am in your company it is strictly all clothes on lol . bless you .

    but to be honest i dont think he should have done that even though you said make yourself at home he still should have said to you look i am a naturist and whereever possible i like to discard my clothes as i am comfortable in my skin so would you mind if i stripped off or would you rather i didnt that would have been the correct thing to do , i am sorry each to their own but i find that all a bit odd , what people do in teir own homes up to them but mmm oh well i hope that you and he are still friends but the othe thing that would concern me and i am only worried about you is why in 3 years has he not let you know that he likes to take his clothes off if he is so proud of it i dont know i just hope you are ok and just think if the gas man had knocked on the door to read your meter and he sat there butt naked lol

    least it brighenred your day xxx ove diddle x

  • he did tellme i just misunder the meaning of naruralist. he assumed i knew what it meant.. lol

    my gas man is related to a dwarf so it would not be worth the look not that i did look...... petal

  • omg Ive just spilt my coffee laughing, thats made my day, week, month and year,Ill be laughing all day about that, one, can we please have you on prescription xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • to addto this sorry but hilarious moment in time my daughter phoned from zimbabwe and i hissed into the phone i have a naked man in my sitting room

    right mom like i believe you cut down on the meds..


  • lol you are soooo very funny bless you just what we all need when we feel in pain someone like you to brighten the forum up lol and i bet you did not know where to look lol !!!!! yeah right like we all believe that ??????? your eyes stayed in his eyeline ?????? come on now tell the truth !!! did you or did you not drop your gaze ?????? lol

    well i think my eyes may have wandered a bit there is aid it i only being honest lol

    love to you and i bet your daughter is going frantic in zimbabwe thinking her mum is high as a kite on meds ha ha love diddle x

  • i loved the rear veiw as hewalked to kitchen to make me some coffee andwellllll whe walked in with the coffeehe wasstanding up and i was sitting down eyelevel eye full.... petal

  • I god Ive just wet myself laughing, Petal my love you really have made my day, my family are going to think Ive lost it, Ill be laughing all day, I can just see him now, how did you stop yourself from laughingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ive got to go shopping, and Ive got a feeling Im going to be laughing, they going to think Im mad

  • i couldnt laugh my chin wasbruised from hitting the floor.

  • oh lol how hilarious. OH Petal only you could experience this. I would have been so so shocked and very uncomfortable. Its good it was just because he wanted to be free of restrictions of clothes, it may have been very upsetting otherwise had he not been a genuine person.

    Bet it made your week ;)

  • Lol you so have to learn the differnce between Naturist and Naturalist!!! Websters dictionary winging its way to you as we speak :-) x

  • O,m.g nearly wet myself laughing then.

    Glad your still friends.

    I fell in love with my fella on the c.f.s forum on facebook.

    We werent looking for love just friendship.but in time we became best friends.

    He rang me one day and said were are u ? Im at a mates why?

    Im outside your flat.

    He drove all way from wales coz i was having a hard time on a whim .

    Never met him till then.he picked me up.

    And it was instant love and chemistry.

    Wete now engaged.

    He too wants to go one day to a nudist beach.he will be going on hos own.x

  • lol

  • Ha Ha! at least he had a nice body, could have been a lot worse. You lucky girl.

  • omg petal ,well atleast he wasnt all horrible and scrawny looking ,like most naturalists,that has made my day thank you xxx

  • Hey :-P lol

  • Hehehe this is so funny, its not every day you get a completely naked man in your lounge, especially one with a fit bod to match!!. Just think tho, its a good way of getting a hot flush in this dank and dreary summer, who need the sun to shine. xx

  • And just how do you know wot they look like hmmmmmmm

  • What a treat and he will have no idea of the amusement he has caused, I loved my skinny dip and will be getting naked again ...

    What a lovely man to make time to pop round ...

    So pleased your back ...

    Soft hugs xxx


  • oh what a wonderful saturdat read!! better then a novel hehe, comedy and sex content lol

  • Oh Petal you have made me laugh so much today :)

    Jo xx


  • Definately..........NOT. lol even if you r on a diet you can still. O.side the menu. Petal

  • omg its so funny x

  • Fantastic story Petal, chuckling away here! Lucky you! ;) :)

  • Okay Petal, have to admit I have seen a few in my time, not in such funny circumstances as you though!!. You should have got a photo and posted it for us all to see, now that would have cheered us up even more lol. Not sure where Lally got her photo from earlier, if that was a rear view we just need you to get us a full frontal (hope this is not to rude for some members, no offence meant!)x

  • I is a good girl really. And I lie so well roflmao

  • That is hilarious. Even if he was a naturalist, I would have thought there would be some kind of etiquet before he stripped off anhwhere like that. I would probably have fainted not have seen 'that' for quite some time!


  • Bluuuurghhhh been answering posts - can't spell.......must stop now!

  • Oh Lawdy Petal! I have not had a decent chuckle in a very long time. I so needed it right now too! I've never been so lucky meeting a guy off the net. the ones I did meet after a year or more chatting - were not so easy on the eyes - Thanks for lifting my spirits - Can I have some more please? Hehehe

    Wonderfully funny story.

    Love and hugs,

    Carol xx

  • Petal, do mind yourself pet, I'd be very wary of him to be honest, but it does make a very funny tale xx

  • Yeah well he is not being allowed back in lol

  • lmho!!! ha ha ha x

  • OMG!!! had total hysterics - that is so funny !! my son asked what I was laughing at so I let him read your blog ! he thinks we're all mad!!! this will keep me smiling all day. thanks Petal for sharing this xxx dottiedog

  • faded blossom, do you know of the old saying "if you can't beat them join them"!!!!, if he is a man who wants to sit naked with you clothed and was a gentleman and never tried it on,then i think you should hang on to him besides if you ended up together think of the money you would save on washing powder!!! and the minimum of ironing!!!,it has inspired me to become a natrualist at my up and coming appeal!!!

  • you could always plead bouts of insanity lol. and i cannot iron as i can no longer stretchmy armsor use them to carry etc and ifhe sawmy bod he would have run naked down the streetyeelling alien alien lol

    good luck with appeal dont bend lift or reach out go in pull on clothingor they will wonder how you dressed yourself.and walk like you do on a bad bbad day they have to see you at your worst. petal

  • haha, hilarious, well if nothing else it brightened the day..week....year up and will be a good talking point lol.

    so glad you are still friends.

    Jan H xx

  • Ohhhhh i havent been on for a couple of days, i just read this and i'm peeing myself laughing, and just pitchuring it in my head ...... ohhh petal i really dont mean to laugh but this has def cheered me up, i would die if this happened to me and like you i too would have thought he meant the same, loved birds and the outside ........ it has made my day still giggleing to myself, ;-)

    love and gentle hugs jackie xxxxx

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