Hi I need HELP as its taking every being in my mum (my full time carer) not to go to the assessment centre on Monday and tell off the Liar Assesser. I am very new on this platform and i thought I will come here and seek help. I am literally shaking and in so much pain after my mum read me the decision makers reasoning for awarding me 6 points for daily living and 4 points for mobility. Ok let me start from the beginning.... After suffering for 7 years with Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome, and Thoracic Lumbar Spinal Pain, i finally decided to apply for pip this year as my pains are getting worse to the point that my mum has to semi retire to take care of me and my two kids. I have always pushed through my pains and worked since i finished my university education in 2006 ... I am 32 years. I called on 9 June and received the pip forms on 15 June... due to pain and forgetfulness i only sent the forms first week of July... i received an appointment letter a week later for the 26th July at a centre very close to my home. On the assessment day, my mum literally had to drag me out of bed due to excruciating pain. We went there in a taxi and it took about 8 minutes. The driver was kind to stop infront of the centre abd i leaned on my mum all the time from the taxi to the reception where i had to sit down as there was someone before us. My mum helped me out to get up again and we were shown where the assessors were. I had to stop a couple of times before we saw a lady emerged from a room and asked my id and letter. My mum showed her and she told us to wait till she calls us back. About 3 minutes later she came back and called us in. My mum again helped me up and held my hand into the room. Immediately we entered the room i told the lady that i was in so much pain that i need to be comfortable. She seemed really nice and she said feel free to do whatever...

She confirmed my details and asked who my mum was. The whole assessment lasted about 25 minutes and i could only do one physical examination due to the pain... Also during the assessment i stood up twice with the help of my mum and she saw clearly that i was struggling... Now the decision arrives on 2 August.... So far the quickest PIP claim i have come accross. The decision maker is saying that i was observed arriving at the centre unaided which is 50metres..(LIES... I LEANED ON MY MUM ALL THROUGH WITH STOPS) ... Also she says i showed no signs of pain during the assessment (LIES ... I TOLD HER I WAS IN PAIN AND STOOD UP TWICE WITH MY MUM HELPING) .... She also stated that my medication isnt strong enough.... I TAKE Pregabalin 150mg 1x2 a day

NAPROXEN 1X2 a day

IBUPROFEN 400mg in the afternoons

Tramadol 50mg 2x4 a day

Codydramol 10mg/ 500mg 2x4 a day

Hydroxyzine hydrochloride 25mg 1 at night for sleeping

SERTRALINE 100MG for depression 1 night

Capsaicin cream 0.75 4x a day.... my mum spend about 20 minutes each application

I use tense machine which i took with me to the assessment and Actipatch and Medicated platers all pescribed by doctors Gp and Rheumatologists... which ialso showed to the lady. I listed all this on my form and my mum took my dossete box with us which was also shown. The assessor asked abt my meds and i told her my mum managed them and give themto me due to pain and fibro fog i forget to take them and i even have an app on my mums phone to remind her. Well she stated that i dont need any help with my meds and the were well managed and maintained so score 0. When I was completing the form, I misunderstood the use of toilet so i ticked no... i thought it was about passing stools.... so at the assessment i told the lady i misunderstood and said my mum helps me in and out same as bathing and showering. There again she stated that I dont need help and managed myself. She asked me if i work and i said Not at the moment as am currently off sick she went on and ask what i do and i said i am a HR Officer... i have been told thati have cognitive and intellect because i work as an hr officer.What has my job got to do with my disability??? And the worst is she asked if i drive and i said not at the moment due to blackouts. And she even asked if i have informed dvla and i said no it was my own decision to stop driving and besides the medications i take dont allow driving. Well the decision states that i can plan a journey because i am a hr officer and passed my driving test..whaat??? I passed my driving test 13 years ago.

Please what do i do? My mum is going crazy. She really wants to go to the assessment centre on Monday to cause trouble. I have called my grandmother to talk to her. I am in shocked how people who call themselves professionals can lie like this. Please help!

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  • You need to appeal. Get some advice from the CAB get back up from your GP and any other health professionals you see. You must not give up, there are people on here that can give you better advice than me. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and that someone has seen your call for help.

  • Awww thanks so much. Its so niceto know that i don't have to be depressed all the time and there are genuine people out there who understands

  • Hi Dydy-gabb

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I feel devastated for you. I have pasted tow links below to the CAB - Citizens Advice Bureau cache on Challenging a PIP decision. They are very good and tel you exactly what to do.


    Challenging a PIP decision - mandatory reconsideration:



    Challenging a PIP decision - the tribunal hearing:



    FMA UK Benefit Adviser - Contact Page:

    It may also help to talk about your situation with Janet, who is the FMA UK benefit adviser and get some pointers? I have pasted her contact page below:



    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you so much Ken for the advice and the information. I have just also subscribed to Benefit and work for some support. I am definitely going to ask for Mandatory Reconsideration. Once again Many Thanks

  • Good luck my friend :)

  • Hi

    Get advice and request MR

    Reply to each section on the form

    You say your Mum helps you in and out of the shower

    They may read this that you are able to shower unaided the question is about washing yourself .So you need to be clear what your Mum does do you need someone to wash you or your hair do you need help with drying yourself if so what help .

    How many times a week do you shower do you need prompting to do this does it cause so much pain that you put if off do you need prompting to do so . If you manage it how much pain does it cause and how long do you have to rest after do you get out of breath .

    You say she helps with bathing again what does your Mum help with I know it sounds silly but how do you get in the bath do you have a hoist ,bath seat all need to be mentioned on form.

    If you can manage to get in the bath with out aids they may look and consider your mobility is ok .

    Its a very complex form please don't think I am being funny or questioning your ability its just I know what they are looking for .


  • Thank you Rose for the clarification....and no no you are not being funny.... i explained all your points on the form but at the assessment the HP didnt ask anything about bathing but i said that my mum is the one who baths me due to the pain and she promt and encouraged me to try and bath . I said i take the shower abound every other day as I am usually housebound and dont really go out except appmnts. I also explained that i have shower seats and bath rail. I scored 2 points for bathing... To be honest i truly think she was writing her own story instead of what i and my mum were telling her. I am still baffled with the level of lies. I read a lot of horror stories but you never think its will happen to you. She seemed so nice and thats whats is shocking. I apologetically refused the physical examination due to the pain but on the Decision Making it states that "I noted you declined the physical examination"... it doesnt state why.... obviously this is contracting her saying that i didnt show any signs of pain.

  • Ask for MR but get help if you can

    Best Wishes


  • I know how you feel I have just had the same happen to me . Im just started the reconsideration process this will take up to four weeks befor they will look at it . Good luck with yours and keep going angela

  • Hope yours go well too. Thank you so much.x

  • The exact thing has happened to me all lies to the answers I gave my daughter took me they said I went on my own I also gave a gp print out of meds as with memory I can't remember they said I reeled it all off myself. It's frustrating beyond belief and so stressful I am seeing cab tomorrow as had advice to defo do tribunal as this is very common this latest trick pip are doing in my eyes they are committing fraud please ask for redecision and then cab for tribunal as we have to fight this it's got to stop 😡

  • Hi....There are times like this when I wish that "lady" could live for 24 hours in your shoes...

    But Appeal you must and contact our Benefits Advisor.....I wish you well with your appeal and do let us know the outcome please.

    Hope your day gets better.


  • This happens to so many on there first application including me funny how you were given the same points to and were made out to be a lier like me I got a letter form my doctor again and he uped my medications sent that in and they overturned my mandatory reconsideration please follow the advice you have been given above

  • Hi.

    I'm so so sorry for you - you really need to appeal the disicision.

    It really makes my blood boil.

    Yes I have previous with them.

    On getting my appointment letter I had to contact them for a ground floor room.

    I traveled in my electric scooter to the appointment.

    I'm no longer able to walk anymore due to the Pain.

    The first question that was asked was how far can I "Walk"

    Well that killed it "Dead"

    Please let me know if I can offer you both help & advise.


  • Awwe Thank you Steve for your offer to help. I laughed at your comments about 'how far Can you walk.... Well that killed it ..."Dead".

    These people are supposed to be health professionals yet they haven't got a clue about how to treat people.

    Once again Many thanks

  • Hi.

    No probs, please let me know how I can help you.

    Yes it is very very scary how these people decide on our futures.

    I had better get off my " soap box"

    Before I end up in the "wash"

    I'm not to keen being "shaken & stirred"

    Please Please let me know how I can help you.


  • Appeal.. so many are getting this now I think it is in the hope people do not appeal so they save money, Ken has given you some brilliant links I am so sorry you have gone through this :( XX

  • I can fully understand your frustration and anger but please do not let your mother do anything that would and will jepodise your appeal The best thing is to fight fire with fire and get your appeal in with as much supporting evidence as you can supply and get your Dr to write a letter of support documenting your illnesses. Good luck and once again your mother will only complicate matters by going to the centre and it will achieve zero for you and your appeal,

  • I will... Thank you Heliboy, i have feisty mum who is very no nonsense woman. She has been calmed now. I think she was fustrated with level of lies she was reading. I am surely going to seek help and appeal. Thank you

  • Your welcome. I fully understand your Mothers anger what mother would not be angry ? Glad she has seen sense and GOOD LUCK with the appeal

  • Please appeal and good luck.


  • Please write to your local MP immediately. They will sort this. I've had to get them involved twice and I've only had two assessments! They have been a God send. Please email them immediately explaining everything as you have done to us. I am so sorry to hear what you've been through I totally understand your mum wanting to go down there. But in my experience, all it will do is wind you and your family up further as they will not do anything to help.

    Good luck & God bless


  • God bless you too Jax for your advice. All these comments and advice are really appreciated. Am having a good day. Hope it carries on. Wont let them get me down. I am suffering already

  • Good on you! I like your attitude. Yes YOU ARE suffering already it's disgusting that so many of us are treated in this way. You take care and try to keep thinking positively. Every time you get a negative thought smash it to bits immediately with a positive one! Sometimes it's easier said than done though I know.

    Sending fragile hugs X

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