At last my nurse has phone from the surgery about another blood test, turns out it was simply because they hadnt had enough blood to complete the test, the nurse had been concerned about that, she spoke to my doctor and has convinced him he can wait until fridays appointment to save me making a special journey, not to mention getting someone to take me, I know that we would be no problem but I dont like imposing on my friends, even when they say its not a problem!, so all that worry for nothing!!. I am now heading for the ice cream. Lyzzie x

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  • Get me an ice cream too please lol 😀🐸

  • Lyzzie, Hi, hope your having a good day! ! I hope the blood work come out ok and enjoy the ice cream!! Peck 🐤

  • Hi peck, that summons from the surgery turned out to be something and nothing, just not enough of a blood sample to de the test, if they werent so darned careful about confidentiality if wouldnt have happened, but I suppose they have to be but at least it all sorted and I didnt have to go out in our mini heatwave which I suppose is nothing like the heat you get!!! I'm having the test redone on Friday, heres hoping my veins are feeling co-operative, I just thought, can you imagine the conversation if we all got around a table together, Im sure we'd frighten off any other patrons!! Lyzzie x

  • lyzzie, We are a scary bunch...are we not??Be sure and drink plenty of fluids that will help you with the blood work, also rub the place where they put the needle as the vain will be easier to get if it's warm. I've been thru that , they have had to use my hands!! ouch.I hope all goes well let me know how you are. Peck.🐤

  • will do. Out of your hand??!!...yeuck. Lyzzie :)

  • Yes the back of my hand could not get in vein as I was dehydrated.It hurts like ****, too!! Have a good day.Peck🐤

  • Glad that's sorted for you and you don't need to worry any longer.

    Can I have a flake on mine please?



  • I read a sign that said worrying is basically betting against yourself, I have to remind myself this ! Just beat you to a beautiful Italian ice cream, mmmmmhhhh

  • No fair, I havnt any left until I grocery shop again [tomorrow hopefully] not even a smidge of chocolate in the place, dire strates!! Enjoy. Lyzzie :)

  • I had hoped it would be something minor and tried to be reassuring (and hopefully a little humourous), but this is wonderful! I'm glad for you now the wait is over and it was sometthing minor after all. Good news.

  • Hi terryT it will be good news after friday and they have managed to wring some more blood out of me! Im not scared of needles just find the frequent blood tests a little trying! seeing the doctor too for a monthly overhaul. thanks for replying, and yes it was ...ironic is a better description, luckily I have learned to be fairly laid back about life or I would explode sometimes/. Hope you sleep well tonight, according to the weather we have storms,hail and alsorts coming, Lyzzie

  • Hi lyzzie

    That is a relief my friend and good to hear. I sincerely hope that it goes okay on Friday for you. If they have a lactose free ice cream I would love one as well please :)

    Please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

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