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Well guys, i visited my doctor Thursday for my memory test. He was not organised. i sat while he searched the internet for it !! he then printed it out however whatever he was printing was about 20 pages long he only needed 1 page. The GP asked what i had as i always write things down when i go doctors in case i forget anything and i had written examples of my short term memory problem.

The test consisted of about 5 questions and he said he thinks i have a roblem with the short term memory and he wants to do blood tests and then see me again for a double appointment (i was in with him for 40 minutes on Thursday). Blood test next week and doctor the week after.

I looked on line about blood tests for short term memory and the thing that seems to come up first is dimentia !!! i nearlly fell off my chair it cant be this can it ??


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  • Morning I dont know the answer but I hope not for your sake! My daughter who is 34 is going through similaar thing at moment so fingers crossed for you both.


  • I imagine he wants to rule this out with the blood test and its hopefully just good old fibro fog it's good he is taking the time to test you an not just blame it on fibro ..


  • thanks gins and very grumpy

    belinda x

  • i went to see a neurologist about a year n half ago and was talking to him about my memory and speach etc, he told me the best way to describe it is like someone with dementia will never remember where as someone with fibro can remember but it could take weeks months or even years, then i spoke to my own doctor and his way of describing it was u get someone who hasnt got fibro and u call them normal then u get someone with dementia, then someone with fibro is right bang in the middle of the 2, it will get worse but can take years and years for it to be at the full stages of dimentia i hope this info helps and makes sense lol x

  • yeh it makes sense but i dont thnk i could handle dimentia along with everything else i am only 54 z

  • know what u mean i just turned 41 in january, and my memory is terrible also sometimes when i speak it comes out all gobbildygook lol x

  • glad its not just me x

  • I'm the same although some days worse than others. Depending on the situation and my mood it'll sometimes make me laugh or just frustrate me I'm sure a lot of us probably feel the same. X

  • thanks

    belinda x

  • Ha ha(not to you hun) sounds like doc has memory prob. Phaps he should do test himself! Lets hope its just joys of fibrofog xx

  • thanks

    belinda x

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