appointments/carpal tunnel op

that's the barium meal over-don't know results yet and to wait about 9 days but there seems to be a problem with food not staying in my stomach??seeing diabetic nurse on Friday + more blood tests.(maybe the nurse will acccept what i tell her that gps haven't ie weight issues)hope now I ve had a the barium meal xray they will get to the bottom of whatever is the problem.pelvic pain was agonizing today when sat in car for 90minutes and at the hospital for another hour then home again in the car.

now just want 5th march to come and go-CTS operation on left at moment staying awake for it but not sure now I want to.has anyone has this and been awake throughout.what can I expect ?

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  • Was awake during surgery on my foot the tricky bit was staying warm because no food or the other meds.

    Shivering was a big distraction from what the surgeon was working on :-) plus the surgeon was happy with his handy work.

  • Good luck with this, and I genuinely hope that they can find out what is causing the problem? Also, good luck with the CTS operation.

    Good luck


  • I was awake during an operation in the groin area years ago. I wanted to watch. They had a screen at my waist so I couldn't see. The surgeon told me no, I might go into shock!

    As far as CTS, I have it in both hands plus ulnar tunnel syndrome in the right hand. I turned down surgery 1) because I don't like being cut on, and 2) I know people it didn't work for and all they have now is a scar. But, I don't know any people who had good results either. Have you ever noticed that the ones who talk about stuff the most are the ones with complaints!?!

    But I wish you the best and hope it works out well for you. I get all tight when the dentist works on me, so I have to pay attention to the muscles in my neck & shoulders, and in my back and jaw, and take deep breaths. So my only advice is: relax, breathe, and trust.

  • My friend's mum had the cts op and it worked for her. :)

  • Morning, I had both my left/right carpals operated on (at different times) a few years ago. I stayed awake during both operations. Once the injection in the wrist is out of the way, that is probably the worst part; you will not feel a thing. Everything is covered and the Nurse was by the side all the way through. The surgeon was chatting away and was very good. I can honestly say that it was the best thing I did, as I had so much pain and discomfort due to years of RSI and overuse in both hands. I have had no problems since and would not hesitate to have the operation. The scars are almost invisible now, you really have to look hard to see them; just a thin line. It must all seem a bit scary with everything else that you are going through at the moment. I wish you well. xx

  • I was a beauty therapist, and I know a lot of nail techs who have had this op. They have all said that the relief from the pain was wonderful. So I wish you good luck with this. And of course staying awake should see you home much quicker. My husband stayed awake and watched his own knee op. He and his surgeon got on sowell that they are still good friends lol.

  • thanks guys,thats a great relief.this may sound silly but i am concerned that i will be able to hear him saying whats going on and asking for "the tools of the trade",

    woke again with pelvic pain as soon as up and i really need to know what is causing it.the nurse practitioner commented that i had been to the gp quite a few times but three of my appointments were follow up to apprehensive about going back cos they want refer me to anyone based on tests results but the ongoing pain doesnt come into things.

  • I had this op around 4 years ago . You really don't feel a thing and you can't see my scar at all unless you actually look hard to see it . It cured my numbness , pins and needles and pains up the arm straight away. These symptoms have started again though not yet as bad as before I had the op . I would still advise you to have it done as a few years CTS free is better than none . Best of luck :)

  • hello Paton. these are two separate issues. the barium meal was for stomach issues and difficulty swallowing/choking on certain foods which has been going on for two years. I have been posting on the pelvic pain forum and received good advice and support from most people.

    i heard that i should not do anything for six weeks after the op but that will be impossible as i live alone and have a dog on each arm when i walk them.

    i'm not concerned about having the initial injection as my gp gave me steroid injection in my wrist to give me some relief a while ago.

    does your reader identify apostrophes and other marks.

  • Ah right. 2 unrelated subjects in one post. It would be helpful to keep them seperate unless related.

    If surgeon says 6 weeks then I would go with his advice. It is for a good reason and would hate you to end up with infection like mine. Dogs are very adaptable animals and will soon understand. If you undid surgeon's work and ended back in hospital not sure he would be too impressed as to your reasoning for ignoring him.

    No punctuation or capital letters. Just reads what has been written. Slow as I sometimes have to work out what the word means.

  • hi paton i will try and not use capitals or abbreviations then.

    they were kind of linked as I suffered pelvic pain all the way to the hospital and back.that was the only reason.

  • Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but what was the steroid injection like - I have to have it done in both wrists this coming Monday, before the decision about surgery is made ? Needless to say I'm extremely nervous.


  • hello is absolutely nothing to worry about and is not that painful.its no worse than having a blood test.i cannot 100% remember but it might just sting a bit .the doctor drew on my wrist where the carpal tunnel was and the exact point to inject,what i will say it is not long term.mine only gave me two weeks relief.hope you will be ok.let me know how it goes

  • I have had both hands operated on forCTS. The only thing you feel is the initial needle to numb it. Think it took about 15 mins or so to complete operation... stay awake. The recovery process afterwards is much better. The relief after it had been done was instant. Good luck.

  • I had my right hand done some tears ago. I was rather peeved that they wouldnt let me watch.

    So i spent my time chatting and joking with the nurse.

    The palm of my hand is rather sensitive. But that could be the fibro.

    Go for it, I would have no worries about getting my left hand done.


  • I had a cps on my right hand 2years ago,and to be honest no other options mentioned so was awake,no problems,in fact it was very relaxed,my surgeon asked if I wanted to know what he was doing,being nosy I said yes. You do not see any thing,you certainly don't feel anything once the anaesthetic is in,a very small prick,that's all. The only weird thing is when the carpel tunnel was being clipped he told me I would hear was similar to hearing your big toe nail being clipped. Strange! SO then all stitched and bandaged.and that was that. When it all healed you cannot see a thing and in fact I often forget that it had been done!! I am sure you shall also have a good procedure and benefit from being pain free at last.

  • I had cts on both hands it was a bit uncomfortable having the injection

    to numb it but after that it was fine, I actually watched as the surgery

    was done, after about 3 hours I had pins and needles when the feeling

    returned but nothing that parecetamol wouldnt cure, it only took 20 mins

    and I was on way home.

  • i know it s a quick operation but it is so annoyingly frustrating to have to 90 minutes by car (or travel three hours by bus) to get to the hospital for a short operation when i have a much easier journey although still 90 minutes by bus to the hospital i have attended in the last 10 years and the surgery wont refer me there anymore cos it s in scotland.if i still attended there i wouldnt have to rely on other people to take MPis fighting to allow people in my town to attend there because it is so much easier to get to with a choice of two bus routes going direct to the hospital.going to the hospital in england would involve 2-3 buses each way and only one available bus so if like happened to me and the hospital messed up with the appointment i would not have got home if relying on buses.

  • I had CTS done years ago with nerve block to isolate area.No problems at all .It is a bit weird but better than having sleep and awake hurting! Learn to relax,distract yourself take a video in your head type walk!

  • ill could be thinking of my dogs at home waiting for me or taking them for a virtual walk..

  • it will not be any worse than having the steroid injection the doctor gave me then.

  • It's good to hear all the positive replies! Sure overcomes my negativity. Maybe if it continues to bother me, as it does my right hand - besides the pain and feeling of wear and tear, it gets cold with any fine use of hands & fingers, like typing - I wil talk to my GP and go ahead with it. It would be a relief not to have it be such a pain, in both senses of the word.

  • hi clare. i think i have ulnar tunnel in my right hand too as have a swelling(?)going from my wrist to my third finger.i also think something else is going on as my hands are much broader and have thickened areas in palms and sides(and my feet as well).this may be down to acromegaly which my doctors say they have not heard hands get cold but that is my Raynauds.

  • Re travel - I thought you said you could use hospital transport

  • hi paton.yes i did .but my brother offered to drive me.if he wasnt available then i would have to.i only have used it in the past after having anaesthetic or sedation.

  • Wel as you are going in for surgery on your hand this would be the ideal time to book it. You have the date for admission - ring up toady and job done. No long painful car or non existant public transport journey.

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