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I have had no voice since the beginning of the year and counting the days.I have read some research and they reckon that over 75% of people have GERDs(silent acid reflux) MInes is caused by Hernia, it says that this illness effects people with a low immune system, it amazes me why they still seem bewilderd about things. The first test I got was a blood test which showed them that my immune system and white blood count was very low since that day over 2 yrs ago it has been one thing after another. Can you let me know if you have also had or have acid Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD, Acid Reflux, Heartburn).

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I suffer from acid reflux and heartburn, have just been changed from lanzoprazole 30 mg one tablet a day to two omeprazole. 20mg twice a day.and it seems to have improved as long as I avoid certain foods. I have had it about 2 years.. Which is annoying as most anti inflammatories make it worse so my GP won't let me have them which is annoying as we are back to trial and error for my arthritis. My fibro I have become used to and that's fairly well controlled

VG x


they have me on various meds to control the acid for now they are talking about operating on my stomache I also am taking omeprazole twice a day but they have also put me on domperdone I am sick nearly every day this burns my throat and voice box I am worried about the damage to my vocal cords


I am having test for this at the moment as started off with heart pain and doc thinks it is silent GERD. Never heard of that but getting much pain in stomach but that could be the iBS but constantly trying to clear my throat with coughing which aparently is clasic sign of GERDs. Been on Laprazerole for six months and no difference so will ask about omeprazole thanks for that ino.


Hi ,I had to have a biopsy on my vocal chords 3 years ago as i was losing my voice for months at a time I was under the ENT consultant who has recently attended seminars with reference to acid reflux and the effects it has on the vocal chords ,as you can imagine it burns the vocal chords and hence the reason why you can lose your voice ,i was put on 40 mg daily of omeprozole and 2 x tablespoons daily of gavascon advance to treat the acid reflux ,and i have not lost my voice since .

Hope this helps x


Hi, I lost my voice for 2 and a half years and it was due to an auto-immune disorder.

if it continues ask to see an ENT. they put me off for ages, don't let hem fob you off.



My doctor spoke to the hospital ENT and they have said until they get my tummy under control, basically there is not much they can do. I am also awaiting voice therapy and sleep clinic, I wondered if it is something to do with the way I breath when I am sleeping. I know I snore extremely loudly and have my fair share of insomnia. But we will see. The thing is at this moment in time I am a lot better and speaking away but I know when I wake up tomorrow my voice will be gone again.


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