Great Chemist Scandal

I was up to a few weeks ago receiving my medication all 22 tablets from a well known high street chemist who shall remain nameless alas I started to suffer major problems in that they stopped sending me text alerts to say that my medications were ready and also they started to tell me lies big time in that when I rang them to ask where my medication was they said Oh we have not received your repeats from your Dr.

I then rang the surgery who informed me the repeats were emailed to them over 3 days ago so I contacted the chemist and they told me oh yes they have just arrived in the system it must be slow I maybe cabbage looking but I am not green.

 After several months of all this terrible messing me around I told them on my last visit I was not going to be dealing with them any longer, On arriving home I received a call from the chemist and she asked me "Can we try again I know we got this wrong" I then told her that this was not some order for curtains or food items but it was my life they were dealing with in that a  lot of times I was near to running out of my medication through their incompetence and if something bad had happened would they have taken responsabilty for that to which she replied "But it never got to that stage" At that point I told her I had made my decision and put the phone down.   

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  • I sometimes think these people don't liveint he real world.  I was very sad when we moved that I not only had to change doctor but also chemist as he was absolutely fantastic.  If ever he did not have the tablets in (say it was something new that he didn't normally stock) he would get them and have them sent up.  He would even say is this a trial or will you be on them permanently.  If it is permanent tell me how often you will need them and I will make sure I always have a supply in.  It makes so much difference to the feeling of security. 

    There I also had three  chemists to chose from within a short distance whereas here there is only one.  When I went in for something else the other day a man was raging and dashed out saying " they were a right shower and could not organise a booze up in a brewery" and had made him run out of tablets because of their incompetence and he was going to go back to his old chemist even though as he would be out of their delivery range he was prepared to drive there as he knew they were reliable.

    I do hope the new chemist you find will be more efficient.x

  • Well done, more people should stand up to them as you have. 👍

  • Good for you! I would be writing to their CEO telling your story. Don't let them get away with it. That is appalling. 

    I must be lucky because nothing is too much trouble at my chemist. They will even phone the surgery for me to get a prescription faxed to them if I'm not able to do it myself. It will. Also be delivered to my door. 

    I hope you find a real pharmacy soon, you won't believe the difference 🐸

  • OMG this is my story and you've swollen it lol..know exactly who your talking about and they have done exactly same to me. I have had one almighty, stressful time trying to get my medication on time and right for the past 2 yrs. I've had that many conversations on phone (Slightly heated) with them. 

    They said one day that I had not had pain killers for 2 months so they didn't order them ! Which was absolute rubbish, my doctor faxes them every 2 mths. Then they text but like you the texts stopped. 

    Every time I ring, I speak with someone different and they normally say, oh it's not in the computer or no it's not on repeat and then when I go there, they have got them. The stories I could tell you about this chemist is atrocious really. I don't know what's the matter with them.

    It is only a very small shop & other one is to far & inconvenient for my daughter to get for me if i can't.

    So yes my friend, good for you for standing your ground. They normally talk me out of it but there is only so much rubbish and lies you can put up with and enough is enough. So well done you ☺☺☺

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • My MIL had the same problem and even when the delivery man didn't deliver, they didn't think to ring to see if someone could go and collect them, she has changed to an independent chemist now and this seems to be working.

  • Hi my friend,

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and it sounds atrocious! I sincerely hope that it runs smoothly for you with your new pharmacy. You are totally right, it is our lives and I would not want these people in a position whereby i was needing their assistance. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • That's strange I have been having the same problems with this well known Chemist.  I did not receive a text last time and so far not received one this time when repeat prescription due.  I went in person to the shop yesterday and was informed I was five days too early and they had not received notification from my Dr as yet.  What on earth is going on!

  • Same problems as me and that is how it started in my case I was foobed off far too many times and I believe it is because they are overstretched on staff and cannot cope I did the best thing and binned them Good luck

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