I really want to scream !!

My ongoing saga over my PIP application continues.I was at the hospital yesterday 31/06/16 and received a text from ATOS to say that they had positions available in my area for medicals in the next 7 days and giving me a number to contact, so waited until I had finished at the hospital just over 1-1/2 hours and rang them only to be told "Oh we do not have any left but we will send you a letter with a date and time for you to attend" To cap it all I got home and on the door mat was a letter from the DWP informing me that they had not received my PIP form !!

You really could not make it up could you ??

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  • This is why it is so important to send any form of that nature recorded post, so you can then turn around and say to them... well... from my recorded postal number someone signed for it on(insert date) so yes. you have got my form. they will then miraculously find it. (funny that eh?)

    i know how frustrating it is, i had my ESA stopped for about 4 months last year and the reason why? someone had pressed a "wrong button" which stopped my payments going through! and yeah that was pretty annoying too because even though we are ill, we still have bills to pay just like anyone else. we had to contact all of the places the direct debits were coming out of the bank to just tell them i wasn't receiving any money at the moment and luckily most of the places gave me at least 1-2 months grace. however when i did get it all paid back in i was missing a month's worth of payments, i didn't appeal it because i knew it would cause too much hassle. we had (just) enough to pay the bills so i wasn't that fussed, i'm not greedy, just ill, and also very thankful that i don't have to try to do a job or be forced to do a job that i cannot cope with either mentally or physically. (at least for now)

    big hugs to you my friend i hope things get sorted soon x

  • Cheers lovey I posted my form registered as it contained over 100 pages of my medical reports I am so angry that to me they do not seem to know what they are doing. I received a text after 6 days of posting my form 1st class saying they had not received it, then 3 hours later a text thanking me for sending the form I then received a text from ATOS to say that they had vacancies for medical assessments in my area in the next 7 days so called them 1 hour later and they said "Oh there are no more positions we will send you a date and time" Arrived home to find a letter from the DWP to say that they had not received my form. Talk about making a sane man crazy

  • have you still got the receipt from sending it? maybe trace it online then ring them and say i know you have got it, you received it on (whatever date) and see if they then find it because i've found in the past if you do that they normally do suddenly find it. like some kind of miracle!

    it is all a very frustrating process i know, i'm lucky enough to have a benefits advisor from my housing association that will come out and sort out any forms that i have because i just cannot face filling them in, i have no idea what to put on the damn thing in the first place and even looking at the form makes me have a panic attack.

    i'm so sorry you're going through this. hope things improve soon.

    hugs x

  • Cheers sweetie It seems to have sorted it self out but not before going round the houses and then back again !! grrrrrrrrr

  • That's our wonderful system for you. It does not work and it stinks. just my opinion. I hope you get something sorted out soon. No one needs that kind of stress xx


  • Just another one of those occasions when the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

    I despair for you.

  • Oooo darling I am so sory. Some people don't do their job properly. Hope you will get it right.


  • Very sorry to hear about your bad day,mi really hope things look up for you.

    Best wishes

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that this did not go your way my friend, and I sincerely hope that you get your assessment soon, and that you get your desired result! Please take care of yourself :)

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