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Locum doc f..kin useless!!:(

Iv just come back from seeing a useless locus doc,my app was 10.10am,got in to see him at 11.45am plus I was 15mins early so realy long wait!I wanted my antihistamines,been on them 2 yrs,he was reluctant to give me because he couldn't see them on system,so he got his drugs book out,ye ok I can have them,then I told him my I.B.S was rearing head,so I asked for mebeverine,another problem,can't see on system,I told him I hadn't needed them for a long while,out comes the book,Mmm,ok you can have them,told him I'd had sum but butrans 10mg patches but they made me sick so I asked for 5mg,blimey out comes that f..kin book,he asked what I'd done with the other ones,I'd returned to local chemist to dispose of them,would not not let me have them even though I'm in pain with fibro and arthritis,oh and pretty depressed aswell,he or I needed to speak to chemist to confirm return of 'controlled' substance,in the mean time I'd started cryin,did he care?no couldn't give shit,can't see my own doc till next Friday,whilst talkin to receptionist I said I'd only forget to ask him for sick note!!shes going to ring later to say whether Iv been given one!oh also popped in to chemist and there books show no record of a return..great!oh and to top it all my partner and I haven't got on for weeks,we had words last nite,oh ye and checked bank account and wages short of £300!and to finish off refused DLA,got appeals form yest,

Im sorry blogg is so long,I'm so unhappy,just wanted to get off chest.

I realy just want to run away and leave everything behind!but i can't run so I'd have to crawl

Thanks for reading xxx

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Some locums are just a waste of space aren't they? I have seen some really good ones over the years -but then it seems a shame to loose them, at my old practice there was a fantastic New Zealand locum covering maternity leave, it was a shame to see her go as she was terrific.

Sorry to hear you and partner are having a bad patch - hopefully you'll be able to enjoy kissing and making up today - I do hope so.

I agree with you appeal for DLA, they turn most people down once or twice before you get the award, have you got the benefits and work sheets to help you? If not email or PM admin and ask for them.

It would be nice to find a nice, warm, cozy, safe place and just hibernate wouldn't it?

Julie xx


email address should read - feel free to email and we will be happy to send info sheets from Benefits and Work. :)


High Julie,think I left a comment on you post this morn,can't remember!yes will email for fact sheet,will do later,surgery just rang,need to pick up sick note and take to work (I'm a cleaner in hospital) need to find out why I'm £300 pound down in wages,I don't think payroll have received my sick notes,been off 6 weeks,can't see partner and I making up,think we heading down the road off splitting,alot of the probs are to do with my illness,he just can't get it!i feel very alone and sad,I look forward everyday getting on to the forums and leaving messages to other people,it's funny realy,I'm good at helping other people but not myself,thanks for your reply,hope to speak again...Julie (I know,same name!) x


Hi I do hape you soon get everything sorted is very sad when people,especially your partner is not sympathetic. The problem I feel with both Dr's and some people is, because they cannot see your disability, they just shrug it off,thinking you are making it all up!!

We have had the same problem with the chemist they tell me all that happens is all returned drugs are taken away for disposal....seems to me there shoud be a record of all these " disposed" drugs.

When my mother had patches they checked how many she had left of a lower one and made it up with the extra amount till they were all used up. However when they were finished and we needed a new script ,the locum DR said 'well I cant give you a high dose because your mother has had her patches redused to 50mg,' I tried to explain that's because we added them to the ones she already had,rather than waste the low ones we had left. He said he would have to ask my mothers GP before she could have them. !! He was however on holiday and would not be back for 10 days,your mother will have to take paracetimol !! she was 85 and in a lot of pain.

Locum's often are unable to re-set or update your med's and so any one needing a repeat that is not on the 'system ' have to see there Dr at our practice. But you don't get told that at reception. Sorry waffled on a bit there!! ,just set me off as always happens, but shouldn't.

Anyway you just keep your chin up,and remember we are all here to listen and help if we can.

Big fluffy hugs coming your way :-) ((((((((((((((((((((HUG'S)))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Hi Pinkblossom you are having rather a rough ride at the moment and some times Locums are so bizzy trying to see to many patients they have no sympathy or passion left in them. I don't know if this will help but "It is always darker before the dawn" and that is so true. So hopefully you and your partner can talk and sort your problems do take heart we are all here to listen and to encourage.

At least you got your sick note and hopefully you have sorted the money

Today is Saturday and dawn is breaking through my kitchen window I hope your day is a better one xgins


Morning gins

The day got worse,I'm due back to work on Tuesday,I was given another 2 wks off,great I thought,took sick note in and spoke to manager who was great about it,he rang payroll for me and because the amount of sickness has built up to 6 months I was put on basic pay! I was so upset I burst into tears,I took my sick note back and said I'll be back next week,to start with he wouldn't let me incase I fell ect! i had to beg him to let me come back,I told him I couldn't survive on basic pay,so I'm back to work cleaning in a hospital,I will be put doing the offices,I know I have to go back for the money but I just can't do it,we're gonna look at redeployment in new yr,it's for the best even though I actually like my job.i was so exhausted after sorting all this out,I never got anything from locum as far as my pain goes,will just take what I normally take which isn't helping,I get to see my own doc on fri so will sort then,what I didn't say in earlier blog was when I eventually got to see locum he said sorry to keep you waiting and I said to him out of politeness that's its ok people need to speak to you for a bit longer and I said I'll try not to keep you too long and he said yes well I'd rather we be as quick as poss cause I'm running late! Couldn't believe he said that,that why originally I forgot to ask for sick note and had to speak to receptionist,it also occurred to me last night he didn't give me what I used to have for my indigestion!!

Yes it's another day,and very cold but its a lovely clear sky,I'm on sofa with hot water bottle and blanket,I'm in pain today,my ankles and feet are realy stiff and painfull,that's due to all the walking yesterday so I will try and not over do it today,I hope you are ok and have a good day,thanks for your reply xx


So sorry that you are having a miserable time Pinkblossom. It is horrid having this debilitating illness without those who are meant to help us making things worse. I do hope that things get better for you very soon. Gentle hugs to you! Jane xoxoxo


Thank you Jane,so kind,iv just written another blog about real dreams,can't see it yet,but if you read I'm sure it's because of my emotional day yesterday!xx


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