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bp meds & cough medicine

my friend's hubby has just been dxd with high blood pressure and put on meds.

they've both got flu and chesty coughs.

she went to her chemists yesterday. her friend works there but wasn't in.

she bought a well-known cough mixture, asked the girl on the till to say hello to the friend for her.

20 minutes later the phone rang.

the friend had arrived back at the chemist. the girl said "mrs b as just been in, you missed her, she only popped in for some decongestant & left, they're both ill."

the pharmacist heard the conversation & recognised the name.

he looked up their file and called them.

she hadn't even taken her coat off. "hello"

"Do Not give your husband any of that decongestant - he's on b.p. meds!"

how impressive was that! so on-the-ball.

I'm not sure why you don't, but I thought I'd pass it on.


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Your local pharmacist can be one of your best allies ... I too nearly bought off the counter cough medicine, my pharmacist looked through the hatch and said is that for you .. Yes I replied... No it isn't he said you can't take that on your meds..... Amazing . So I would recommend anyone who has lots of meds to stick to one pharmacy so they get to know you.

So great to know pharmacists can be so on the ball and helpful

VG x


Hello again Sandra,

Found this helpful information about decongestants, please see link


Great that the Pharmacist was thinking about the patient as an individual & as a person too, nice to hear. Makes the difference and feels like they really care, doesn't it?



Hi Sandra, Its so good to find people in important, valuable jobs like pharmacists really knowing their stuff and then applying it individually. I'm sure people who do can save lives by just that bit of taking the individual person and their knowledge of them into account and not just another body in the queue!

I am lucky we have a pharmacy within our surgery (strange for a very small Devon town) and its great, all the people know me and can almost do my repeat scripts without me asking, which comes in handy when, as usual due to the inherent and unending fogginess I have, yet again, forgotten to bring the slip with me, yes though, they the computer to refer to, but they are genuinely nice kind and understand.


that's how mine is too.



Wow you all lucky ... Mine gave me someone elses scrip .. Her meds with my name on them also my grandson had two controlled tablets in his blister pack instead of one . Good job we are on the ball .


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