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Pip appeal - great news!


Hi all I posted a few months back how I received 0 points from my pip assessment after being in receipt of fhigher rate dla or both components for two years. I may be cynical but am convinced there is an underlying strayagainst fibro sufferers. I arrived at my first pip appt 10 mins early only to be told it was cancelled ( I had developed shingles two day before with the stress so was not impressed) I was not the only one arriving tonne told to reschedule! Then I attended appt number two the assessor was horrible never wore anything down of what we told her or considered four letters from consultants. Go through mandatory reconsideration- same outcome. Apply for appeal - 5 weeks later miraculously offered standard rare for both - by this time I was so worn down by the process I just wanted to accept but my husband was soooo infuriated with the way we were treated he wouldn't let me give in so we refused. Went to appeal, after all the horror stories I had read they were absolutely lovely so caring and kind. They weren't a pushover they asked many questions but we were just truthful and honest. The DWP didn't even attend and guess what we won - awarded enhanced rate for both for three years. My point if you've managed to get to the end of my rant, please don't be intimidated, try not to be afraid as the appeal was far less enduring than the assessment as I'm convinced DWP are targeting people like us who are vulnerable, whose condition is affected by stress as we are easy pickings- don't let them do it if you have the strength to fight, fight as DWP will soon learn we are genuinely suffering and truth will prevail - good luck everyone ❤️️

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Well done..so happy for you, great news

Hi clzee well done. So pleased for you. My pip went through ok. Waiting for esa assessment date now and really stressed. I hope I will be as strong as you. Take care and relax now and enjoy the peace xx

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Thank you so much . I'm sure you will I was so blessed to have my husband backing me as I would have crumbled with the first offer. I think that's what they rely on - and depends how understanding the assessor is of fibromyalgia 🙃 Good luck 👍🏻

Oh bless you clzee what a nightmare you have endured, good for you to fight for what you deserve and are entitled to. Its such a shame that you had to fight for it in the 1st place. But WELL DONE thats great news and I'm very pleased that you have now got the decision you wanted. Now at last you can rest and try and recover from the dreadful, stressful time you have had my friend.

Peace, luv n light

Jan x

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Thanks so much 😍

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Well done for sticking at it even though the stress is awful. You give hope to many others going through the same process.

Now you can finally relax.


That's great it will give other hope

So sorry it took such a painful struggle to get there but so glad that it was finally resolved for you.

Gentle hugs, Margaret. xxx 🤗🤗🤗

Good on u 💞💞

Christine CRPS uk

Thanks everyone I just want everyone to know i think it is worth the fight - we are not weak x


Hi Cizee,

I have just read your post and am really pleased that you got a good result.

If you can have a look at my last post which will let you know my situation.

Anyway i have my assessment for ESA next week and am absolutely dreading it, also i have gone for appeal as my pip was stopped in august as my reconsideration was also refused, i was only getting low rate daily living and was only 2 points away from qualifying.

I really don't know if i can deal with going to appeal, my hearing will be in Maidenhead as it's nearest but which has a very very low success rate, they have said i can do another location if i wish but feel sick just at the thought of it.

Hi Jane good luck next week. Hope all goes well xx

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I know I felt exactly the same I was so lucky I think happy for you to pm me if you think it will help . We were just honest I have worked all my life and they were very sympathetic. I found a really useful tool on the ms society website giving examples as their difficulties are similar in principal to ours if that helps . Good luck I really hope you win xx

Wonderful news. I think they are just hoping that people who are ill will just not have the energy to fight on. Often those at Tribunal can be very good we were lucky but with my OH's two but others unfortunately have still failed. It all seems to me like pot luck you never know who you are going to have on the day.

Bet you are glad It is all over.x

Well done! I am genuinely delighted for you my friend :)

Well done for sticking with it, i went through exactly the same process but i was offered nothing until the tribunal when they awarded me higher level DLA. Not long ago i was re assessed for PIP and i have to admit i was so stressed out it made me ill. When i contacted my local MP with my story she was so disgusted she sent her personal secretary to my PIP assessment to get first hand experience of the process. This time i was awarded 12 points and 41 points respectively. My MP has not dropped my enquiry and is naking the point that one assessment says no award and the next time i qualify for a full award 4 times over. This system really does need sorting out but recent posts at least give me hope that it is improving.

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Thanks for sharing Leonwp it's crazy isn't it - they even said I didn't have an anxiety disorder when it was clearly stated in a letter from my doctor . Statements were made like 'she didn't look tired' ' I wonder what the dvla would have to say about her issues' - comments just made to demean you. I went with my friend to her pip assessment but it was nothing like mine - I think it's just down to who you get and what their agenda is. There must be incentives for them to dismiss our difficulties- at least we have had the right outcome 👍🏻

Very well done.I am so pleased you fought back and it all went your way.Good luck for the future

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