The move

hi peeps sorry not been on for a long, long time I am the barme pot who moved on the 16 December from a 3 bed house to a 2 bed bungalow and at the time we had no kitchen and it was smelly and damp with no one loving it . Well you would not believe my hubby , as well as going to work looking after me he had Decorated the living room the bedroom , moved back door to different room made me a lovely big kitchen with dinning table . Now bless him he is making the old kitchen in to a single bed room for his mum to come and stay with us when I get to bad plus I like having her around . AND ALL ON HIS OWN he is my supper man

we have never felt so at home even on the first night we had one of the best sleeps we have ever had in a long time

AND even more I get to go to bed most nights well I have been having a few bad ones with pain but hay ho that is such are lives . So to anyone who is thinking wishing or just not fussed GET a bungalow and you would not believe how not having to go up and down stairs frees your time how not having to worry about having to go up and clean up there , Well if you are like me thinking ok tomorrow I will do up stairs but it never gets done because tomorrow comes and you just can't move .

Well jump in with both feet and move

me I still have the pain but I don't have the worry so I don't have the worry pain

Ok enough of my whotteling summer is coming the long days are coming all the SAD's simptums are going so life could not be any better we are strong we get up every morning and say you will not get me today we will win

so sending big mummy hugs to everyone

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  • Good for you!!! You sound as all is going wonderful and that's great.Your a lucky woman and I can hear the love you and your husband have and share. LOVE is a wonderful thing.... make you smile in the pouring rain!!!! Best wishes, ✌&❤ to you both (and MIL). Peck.😊

  • So pleased you are loving your new home. By the way can I borrow your hubby, I have a few job's need doing. Lol. So pleased you have family who care. Sending soft gentle Hugs. x

  • I'm so pleased for you, hugs very welcome thank you xxx

  • that's really good news. hugs :)

  • Aww lovely... Enjoy ur new home x

  • I am thrilled for you that your move went well. Yes moving to a bungalow as I did in November makes life so much easier as as you say no stairs, windows easy to clean, etc, etc. Great if you have a wonderful hubby like yours but I am afraid my husband is not "D" for DIY but even I did not realise how little he wants to do. I was foolish enough to let him persuade me into buying a doer upper because of where it was located with promises we would would have everything done within a short time frame. With good workmen hard to come by and no family to help we have only managed to get a few basic necessities done so far.

    For many reasons which I will not go into detail with mine has not been a dream move apart from the convenience of the bungalow itself. I wish we had bought one 10 years back when I first wanted to move as by now we would have been all set up with everything done and might have been able to more fully reap the benefits. In essence what I am trying to say is if you have even an inkling of needing to move within the next 5 years don't hesitate and do it now before you start to get desperate as unless you are lucky and have masses of support it can be really hard going.x

  • I am waiting for a bungalow , it's nice to know it's all worked out well for you ! Xxx

  • I am genuinely and sincerely delighted for you my friend. Julie and I moved into a bungalow just over a year ago and we feel exactly the same. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Great news Kath, hope you continue to enjoy your new the way, he's definitely 'a keeper'! xx

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