My weekend is going to packing and more packing, I have found a 1 bed bungalow to swop with me ,so no more stairs when im having a bad day, its in the forest of dean, so packing is what i am doing till my move tuesday week, feeling a bit apprehensive,but know that in the long run it will be the best for me and my health, dont get me wrong i love brighton but the hills are killers at times, so a flat area is just what i need. And this time can be spent getting rid of all the stuff that I no longer need and clothes I no longer wear, Happy Days . x

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  • The best of luck with packing sorting and moving. I hope it goes well for you and do make it fun wont you Enjoy

    gentle hugs


  • Good luck in your new home.

    sue x

  • The Forest of Dean is a lovely area, you are lucky to have found a bungalow in such a place. Enjoy the move as much as you can, and I hope it goes smoothly.👍

  • Good luck with everything! It sounds perfect. We are moving soon. In our current house we have two flights of stairs. Just terrible! Will only have to worry about one soon!

  • Hope your move goes well. Theres a company that can buy good quality clothing called cash4clothes

  • Good luck with your move. I hope everything goes smoothly. If you are getting rid of a lot of things some charities will come and pick the bags up for you.

    Warmest wishes xx

  • Good luck with the move and I hope it all goes smoothly. Just a note of caution, don't overdo it when packing. Make sure you give yourself plenty of breaks. I hope you enjoy your new home and can make many happy memories there :)

  • That is wonderful news, I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your move to your new home.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Delighted to hear you've found what you need & will be able to enjoy the new environment. Sorry to hear you'll be leaving Brighton, I've been away recently, was planning to catch up BUT ..... nasty Fibro fog caused me to forget your name!! Profuse apologies.

    My advice is to make the most of the opportunity to de clutter, (I didn't - due to working stupidly long hours at the time) & now have a basement SOooooo full, it's ridiculous! I'm feeling totally overwhelmed by it & need to get a grip v soon as my mother may be needing to move in! I've tried doing short bursts but end up crashing & burning!

    Bonne chance & hope you'll be very happy in your new home. Take care.

  • HI. I am also moving. I have had the keys to my new place since last Monday and have been moving in slowly but hopefully today will be the day that I move in properly. It will be my first house as I live with my parents.

  • Hi bluejeans

    I very much hope you will enjoy your first home and all the joy that comes with having your own space.

    I have fantastic memories of having my first home even 'though it was so many years ago. Dinosaurs weren't quite roaming the earth, but not far off 😄.

    Good luck and warmest wishes


  • Thanks. I have been running around all day at my parents house trying to finish packing, fortunatley one of my mates from work has been helping me. There is so much stuff to move. We have decided to stop for and start again tomorrow. Hopefully I will be spending my first night in the house tomorrow night. (so excited)!!!

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