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The Bungalow

well weenn moved the 16th and I must say it was the best thing we have ever done

it feels like we have been here always

there is still sorting but have to wait until the builder has finished . then ken will do the kitchen but I am so settled I don't care that I don't have a cooker life has done something good for us I know I will have to pay for the good way I am feeling right now but who cares

if anyone who is putting of moving to a bungalow do it life is so much easer and thank you all for all your well wishes

All I need to do now is Deeside what stays and what goes . so all I can say is hope you all had the best Christmas you could and a happy new year

and sending great big mummy hugs to you all

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All the best in your new home and may you continue to feel as good as you do now xx


Thank you so much for the update it is genuinely appreciated. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time in your new home and I am sincerely delighted for you. Julie and I are delighted with our new bungalow (been here a year) as it really has made life easier. I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken :)


Hello kathlaidlaw, so glad to hear you feel good in your bungalow,,,,,level living makes life s much easier and the walk is easier,,,, been in mine since june 2011,,and getting organised is still on going,,,and I am a messy living woman,,, one day all will be tidy,,, ttfn from Karen.


We moved to a bungalow in 09, at the time for my Husband, but a god send for me now . Glad you are enjoying it. I still see it as an omen.


I can understand your great joy and relief after moving into a bungalow. I moved into ours last year December 13th. We were in a second floor flat, so the relief not to have stairs is overwhelming.

I wish you all the bed in you new bungalow. As you have said it certainly is worth all the hassle to do so. X


Wishing you many happy years in your new home, we are looking for a bungalow at the moment so we may soon be moving too, hopefully πŸ˜ƒ


Glad you are pleased with your move.

We moved in November after 38 years in the same house and always living within a mile of where we lived and knowing everyone I have to admit I have found it a challenge. Nothing seems to move here and everyone keeps themselves to themselves will try to thaw them out when the better weather comes!

Must say I love having no stairs. Think we might be sorted if we do a bit a week by about 2020. Trouble is my OH bless him is no DIY wizard so everything had to be paid for so I am going to name the bungalow The Money Pit. I am sure eventually I will reconcile myself to the changes. Waiting to see whether we save much on the uti!ity bills as we are not used to being on a water meter.x


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