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house cut

I moved from a flat to a bungalow and advised DWP and got my money cut : (

My illnesses havent changed...if anything they have got worse!

its taken me a month to get appeals letter done.

on a plus side i can sit in kitchen and look out onto a garden instead of cat loves it : )

inside every cloud there is a silver lining...its that SUN thing I can see :)

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That can't be right,,, do you rent the bungalow and if the rent is lower could that be the reason..... As I have mentioned , probably too many times we sold out house and downsized to a bungalow just over a year ago and are finding bills much cheaper cos the bungalow is much smaller than our old house. have you contacted whoever you need to and asked why...... Have you had a reply..... something must have gotten mixed up if its not the rent issue... Hopefully it is a mix up and you will get back pay

Fingers crossed VG x


I think the move will do you a lot of good. You already sound as if it's improved your wellbeing and that's a wonderful thing!! Enjoy the ease of a bungalow, the view and that sun shining brightly on you! love to you and your cat, S x


thanks for 2 comments. x x

Hopefully sorted out soon.


when people move things always go astray and they get things wrong keep at them and see what happened, just a simple move is never straightforward for them!!


Glad to read you've moved to a better location. That will be much better for yr spirits. Keepn at those b*****s re the money


It appears that the criteria they use when making an assessment for benefits keep tightening and so in effect they keep moving the goalposts!


I was talking to my housing officer about this just the other day with a friend at pressant she is safe house they was going to put her in private rented but worked it out she wouldn't be able to afford that plus council tax so found her somewhere were her n the kids can afford and live happily would recommend anyone wanting to move look into if your wages or money benefits ect will cover the rent n council tax plus living expenses hope this useful fibro hugs for all x


Dear Mrs Valentine,

If you would like to email they can send you the Benefits & Work Guides for free. They contain information that may help you with your Benefit claims & appeals.

Hope this helps



When you moved did they then send you an esa50 form to fill in, as I was the same I had to move due to domestic abuse and I am now in a flat and in close contact with womens aid. I must say that my local council have been very helpful, but when I advised dwp of my change of address they sent me an esa50 form to fill in. Ive not heard anything back yet. But seemingly if you advise them of any changes at all, they send out an ESA50 form to fill in. Just hoping my benefits do not change.


Thanks everyone. :)


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