Pain that never goes away

Hello everyone, still getting used to my Fibro diagnose although have had symptoms for 6 years. I fell heavily on my elbow around the same time as my symptoms started. Had an x-ray but nothing broken and my GP said the muscle was badly bruised and would take a long time to heal. Fast forward 6 years and the pain is getting worse. The physiotherapist gave me some exercises to strengthen my shoulders but they haven't helped with the pain. I have recently started getting a similar pain in my left arm which has got me wondering if if is to do with having Fibro. So a question for you lovely people, does anyone have a Fibro pain in one part of their body that has lasted for years? (Constant pain not flare-ups)

Look forward to hearing from you xxx

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  • Hi Soozy60

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you are looking for.

    It is a very interesting question? My first recollection of Fibro pain was in my back, and this was a year before other pain and then getting my Fibro diagnosis. So, not sure if that helps you? A year after my diagnosis I had a bad fall and after an MRI I was told that I did not have a coccyx. By this time I had pain in just about my entire body. I do also have arthritis, and it has taken about 3 years to be able to distinguish the two for when I go to my GP.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Ken that is so strange mine started like that too x

  • Hi D1gD33per I think there are many members whose Fibro started this way? x

  • since 1985 i have in my right arm even lost the use of it for sometime also but the pain has never stopped since and no one can tell me why i don't use that arm much as it hurt to much had xray's and nothing i could cry when it gets banged in to from ppl it hurts so much

  • good morning Marialang1 thanks for taking the

    time to reply. Can I ask has your pain got worse over the years?

  • yes it has sometime i cant turn my head to the right because it hurts

  • Hi Soozy60! Have you ever heard of Emmett Technique? For injury like that it is brilliant. Any Muscle, joint, tendon pain if the practitioner is good you walk in with pain and out with none. I have had a painful muscle at the back of my shoulder. I saw the Chiropractor but to no avail. I went to see an Emmett practitioner with my shoulder and the problem was from something just about my waist on my back. She pressed a spot there and the pain came in my shoulder straight away. Then she noticed my gait wasn't right and I had to lie on the bed and she poked and press around my back and told me the problem there was the muscle that lined the pelvis. A bit more pressing on various spots and she said walk across the room and my hip and leg were moving freely where before it was tight and stiff. I am going this week for an MOT. Go online and find out if there is a practitioner in your area and give it a go. Worth every penny. No clothes come off it is quite amazing. I can't remember the man's name but his surname is Emmett and he is an Australian and comes to London from time to time to train the trainers. The lady I see is Judith Johnson and she is a trainer for Wales. Next year she is going to start training people in Emmett in Spain. Nothing to lose only something to gain. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks for that info Thankful I have never heard of the Emmett Technique. I will see if I can find a practitioner in my area. xxx

  • This sounds amazing! 💜

  • I'm really pleased for you but I cant see how that would help Fibromygia when you have pain all over your body as I do and a lot of members who been diegnosed with the syndrome But as I siad I'm glad it helped you

  • thanks i will see if i can find out if anyone near me that may knows about this thanks again all the best and hope you have a brill xmas

  • Hi soosy60

    I hurt my back in a few places ,was lifting rock in a new house about fourteen years ago, So I wracked my back, this has caused me to have big probs, Doc,s daaa! , told me bulging discs, I thought they were until January this year, there slipped discs, been out and worked , was told back then after an MRI that theire was no central potrusion so I was left to get on with it, and the pain, for years I have been suffering pain, not matter how many times I saw GP, they sent me to Physio, , been a sufferer for fourteen year with that, .

    I had been a customer Service Assistant up until three years ago when the pain became crucial Think the Fibro set in then , pins and needles, feet burning up as if they were on fire, and standing the majority off day I started to have this tightness at my bra strap ,at my back ,couldnt get comphy at all, itching , warm , pain , pins n needle, I would go and buy another bra, the bras I already had , I bought extensions for them, So for me it was there then my back then my neck , now all over

    Ken ,I hope you are getting some release from your pain, Now remember I have that ticket

    Jane x

  • I have had fibromyalgia for 27 years. What you are describing is not fibromyalgia in spite of what the doctors have told you. They tend to use this diagnosis quite freely and it can be a wastebasket diagnosis. You have bulging discs which is aggravated by sitting at your job and referral pain. You do not have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is not injury or structural damage. It is widespread pain all over the body, deep, into the soft tissue. It is migratory, which means it moves around. It usually starts on one side of the body and moves to the other side of the body. It has a distinct pattern. It is very tender to the touch. If someone hugs me I can feel straight away that I am very tender and if someone bumps into me it can trigger another pattern of pain which may or may not go away. I have pain in my legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders etc. The only way I can describe it, is it feels like bruising. Kind of like when you get a tetanus shot, you know the pain you feel for a few days. Well, it is like this all over my body and it never goes away. It will let up a little with rest and sleep but on exertion it will come back. Usually, there is no back pain with it. Back pain is something different. The only back pain that accompanies fibromyalgia would be weak back muscles, which I am developing over time. I need a cane to walk now because over time extreme weakness develops and also balance problems. Doctors don't know this. They know very little about fibromyalgia and how debilitating it can be in the latter stages. I get UTI's easily and have an overactive bladder. I have severe chronic fatigue and cannot function, especially when it is very cold. I have been determined to fight it all these years and have kept working part time with long rests but now I am thinking of filing for SSDI as I am nearing 60 years old and commonsense now tells me this illness gets worse with age. I am hoping you can get back surgery to treat your bulging discs etc. and then see if the referral pain goes away. This illness never goes away. You may have some time in remission but it will come back. If anyone could have victory over it, it would have been me because I have been bound and determined to recover. I do not believe the brain is perceiving pain that is not there. That is bull. I have had it for so long and I know that is not it. Even though I am fairly active, have hiked, walked and worked out I cannot strengthen my muscles. The more I do, the weaker I become. It goes the opposite way. I have to sleep to get extra energy to increase my reserves. I have no stamina and get exhausted very quickly and have secondary depression. Any time depression is secondary to something, it indicates an illness. The medical community is very cruel because they have never recognized this as an illness. It is absolutely torture to have to continue with life and pretend you are okay to a normal world. It is an invisible illness and people who see me probably think I am faking it. But, they will find out one day that they are cold hearted because I have tried so hard to fit in and do things that are expected of me and today I am saying screw it, I can no longer keep up the façade. If you are not experiencing these symptoms you do not have fibromyalgia. I really hope you do not have fibromyalgia because it is hell on earth. Good luck.

  • Iv got constant pain in my feet ,legs, arms, fingers, and back I hope that answers you Most members with chronic Fibromygia suffer like this that's when you now you've got full blown Fibromygia This is what it's really like it not a twinge in your toe 0r a pain in the shoulder

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