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Pain tiredness !!!!!

Hi everyone

Just a question I was diagnosed about two years ago with fibro . I was really positive and did everything that was recommended , however I was then in a

Car crash a year ago and all my symptoms spirilled out of control . I feel really lousy as a year in I just feel like I'm getting worse not better. I know some of u have had this horrible thing for years god bless u !!' Has anyone felt that their symptoms got better with time or worse . Thanks for listening

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I am so sorry to hear about your crash chirnie, anything as serious as a car incident can add such a shock to the system, even a sudden braking can put me into a pain spiral for days.

I know its been a long time but be gentle with yourself.

Wishing you all the best



Ah thanks I much for your reply really appreciate it


Hi Chirnie

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much with your Fibro, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I was only diagnosed late last year. However, due to other health issues that I have my Fibro feels worse in just this short time?

It may be worth discussing this with your GP and / or Specialist and telling them that your symptoms and your pain are not under control? Hopefully they may be able to offer you some medical support?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks so much for your reply xxx


Hello. Mine went out of control 4 yrs ago after being made redundant, I didnt know until then that I had fibro, just some odd aches and pains that I had had for years.

At first I was in so much pain I needed help to do anything, Then over about 2yrs the pain eased until it is now it is less a problem than the fatigue that suddenly got worse at the begining of last year, The fatigue stops me from walking more than a few step some days and along with the fog at the moment are my no.1 issues. Fibro can and does change So dont lose hope. As LMIP said look after yourself And rest as much as you can .

Hugs sue xx


Ah thanks sue xxxxx


I've had this for many years sweetheart. I was diagnosed in 2004 but that was after years of suffering. It doesn't get any better, only worse. By worse I mean the pain and also other symptoms that pop up one after another. I was going to the top hospitals,... yes more than a few and one specialist, which is the top of his field believes that trauma caused in any manner makes the fibro worse. I had RLS as a child often crying myself to sleep, also had what they called back then a nervous stomach. When I was 10 I was sexually abused and then at the age of 20 I was repeatedly raped and worse. Then I lost my grandma and dad while going to court with the rape,..etc... I had endometreosis and had a hysterectomy at 30 and then after I was diagnosed with the fibro my husband of 24 plus years decides he's found someone else. While going through a nays divorce I lost my mom who was my best friend and my rock. I have been through so much more since but I know that any type of physical or emotional stress only causes things to worsen. Have you tried a pain clinic sweetheart? If not and you feel it's taking over your life, please consider it. I finally went when I couldn't go on with the pain any longer. Now my pain and life is at least bearable. I'm having more issues with my health again, but praying I'll get it straightened out soon. I hope this helps you, even if it's not the news I know you'd like. It's better to know what you are facing though. Just know your limits and try to hang in there. If I can answer anymore concerns or help in anyway please just ask. Hoping you find relief from your suffering honey. xxx Mitzi

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Ah mitzi

Sending lots of hugs bless!!! Wow what a life thank u for being so honest and open with me , I would rather know the truth. U seem to be a very strong person and I really hope u get some relief from pain now and then . I will defo consider a pain clinic and will talk to my gp about it . Many thanks chirnie x


Anything I can do to help sweetheart!!! Hope you get an appointment soon. Let me know how things are going with you. If you need anything don't hesitate to message me. I feel like this site has been my saving grace. I don't feel so useless when I can help others. Hope you are having a good day!!! xxx Mitzi

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Ah thanks Hun appreciate it


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