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Fibro foot pain - shoes, meds, and swimming

Foot pain has been with for the last 4 years of fibro. I went to a podiatrist and she thought the bottem of my feet were just one of my pain spots. Not helpful. For me if i do not take care of my feet my fibro pain increases in my legs knees and hips. I have gradually fazed out unsupportive shoes and replaced them with shoes that support my arches and provide balance support. Some of the brands are: berkinstocks, hokas, and especially chacos. I have chacos for flip flops, walking, winter boots and more. Having supportive shoes has had an extremely positive difference in my life. My pain is lower, fatigue is less and my stamina higher. Also, i take lyrica which had really changed my life. My pain has decrease drastically. Before taking it my pain on average was a 6. Now it is usually 2 or 3. Also swimming or just getting in the water make a huge difference especially if i follow it with a sauna.

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The foot pain was driving me mad. I've put gel insoles in all shoes and boots . Magnesium oil rubbed into soles of feet has helped too.


me too!


I am awaiting a new pair of insoles from the surgical appliance department at the hospital. I have a collapsed metatarsal head on one foot, which means I am walking on bone. Plus I now have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. So I think foot pain is pretty common with fibromyalgia.


Totally agree quality well fitting footwear is essential. Great tip for someone having a flare to look to their shoes. Reckon loads of GP time is spent with folks whose shoes are wrong and they dont say. I have spent a fortune and have a pile of good 'sensible' shoes that failed the fibro test (me!). Ugh is it sad that it has to be comfort first, what with me liking pretty things but needs must. Hurty feet are the very devil for making life miserable and getting them recovered, even after getting better shoes can take soooooo long. N its not just our feet either, ankles knees, hips back can all play up with the wrong shoes!

Oh to have a warm pool with warm changing area too. Lucky you. Love the water, hate the fibro recovery.

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Hurting feet, and hands, was one of my first symptoms of Fibro before I knew what it was...years ago. Went to Podiatrist and he wrapped them...felt wonderful, but there was nothing wrong with them. He also gave me Oruvail, a pain med that I've not seen anymore. It worked. Since then there has been more and more meds...for Dep., Fibro, diabetes which developed later on, an opioid, another to prevent daytime sleepiness, and another to get to sleep which I alternate with either Xanax or even an allergy one for itchiness which attacks my hands or feet with a vengance along with tingling, numness and pain. It's awful. What med is there for that? I have a pres. cream but it helps only a little. I scratch until blood vessels are broken. I've heard it's from carpal tunnel, which I have, side affect to a med., or small fiber nueropathy that I've just discovered.


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