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Finally went for pain rehab clinic assessment

The one the dr told me would cure all my symptoms if I wanted it enough. The physio was astounded. She said when fibro had become as advanced as mine they aim to stop it getting worse but can't get rid of all of my symptoms. She said I may need to be see in the pain clinic for a review of my pain meds as well as what they can offer in terms of physio & CBT etc. she was surprised I hadn't been offered that. She's going to try me with some hydrotherapy for 6 sessions & then review me.

She said whatever they can do will take a long time but I'm looking forward to some hydrotherapy as I love swimming but can't use our local pool as its so cold my muscles cramp.

Got the CAB visit next week to do the DLA forms & the occupational health therapist from work visiting on Tuesday to look at the options... Not sure what that means will let you know.

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I remember us all being very surprised when you announced your consultant had said he could cure your fibro ...I really hope the reality of the situation hasn't upset you too much, yes there's lots we can do / try to manage the symptoms so we have a better quality of life, but a cure is very unlikely at the present .

Hydrotherapy is great if you can get it take it... I have a jacuzzi bath and that is so good when my muscles spasm ...

VG xx


Yeah we have a hot tub I just can't use it at the moment as its too cold/wet outside. I'd kind of accepted no cure do it wasn't too much of a shock


Hi suzyb

I,ve just finished a course of hydrotherapy, and I say thank god for that because it was good while I was in the pool doing the exercises but it completely knackered me up four 4 days after never again .


Aw wow that sounds great , hydrotherapy , I would love that. I havnt been swimming in ages it's too cold. I have noticed am seizing up. I am in so much muscular pain sometimes but I try push myself because I know it will just get worse. I am surprised am not as stiff as some people are with this condition in a morning , it more comes in later in the afternoon. I get it more in my upper body but my thighs ache n my feet too bit my upper body is the worst

So glad your getting somewhere it sounds like you've been a bit neglected when it comes to helping you . Great your getting the help now. I hope you feel the benefits soon.

Really hope you get your DLA through. I can't believe anyone could manage without it . It's just a helping hand financially , and it's not a right lot either is it. Fingers crossed CAB get you sorted x


I have just changed surgeries as I felt my gp was unsymphythetic only to be told by my new gp that my fibro will eventually go. As if !! Ive had it for over 10 years and its getting worse not better. Goodness only knows what im going to do now as this new gp is the fibro specialist doctor at the surgery.

best wishes to all....nannyjenno


Hi ive been going to hdyro for 12 months now i found it helps me to stay surpull i am tried after i do ach a bit for a day or two but its worth doing i also have massages every week to full body for a hour this helps very much too i cant take anymore drugs im on the limit so i have to try other things my pain clinic has done has much has he can too so its a case of trying to live with it which some days are so bad i dont go out the house i stay in my pj cus i just havent go sleep the night before and in a lot of pain an cant cope with it when it comes like that at me . so try it , it could give you a lttle relife ok good luck with it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


i have a hydro bath,,,and i know i am very luky to have it,,i use it nearly every other day,,or maybe every other other day. it makes me very tierd and my body hurts a lot after too,,but while i am in its so good, and my skin feels good,, i do sleep as the exhauston gets me...and i have been perscribed pegaberlin,,dont think i spelt that right but it makes me so tiered,,,has any one else felt like this,,i am just starting to up the tablets,,and keep falling asleep in my chair x


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