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and on and on it goes !!

had a ct scan monday went to see gp friday to get results i was diagnosed with fibro/me nearly 3 years ago after being treated for symptoms for over 10 years i also have an almost endless list of other health issues that i wont bore you with, back to my gp visit they are trying to get to the bottom of why i suffer violent pains in my thighes nothing showed on the scan apart from a 4mm kidney stone just something else to add to it all gp writing to them to find out what they are going to do about it .As far as the violent pains in my thighes go my gp is going to spend some time at the start of next week reviewing my case going through all my treatments passed meds and referrals i have had over the last 10 years to see if anything has been missed and then diside who to refer me to next ow the joys of being put on another waiting list.sorry if im waffleing i havent posted for a while im feeling extrs sorry for myself as been in bed for 2 days ill with flu .would love to hear from anyone who suffers severe thigh pain .i take zapain for the pain but ive been on it for over 2 1/2 years and it has started to not be as efective my gp has changed my meds and wants me to try dihydrchloine i havent got them yet as im feeling so ill already and have so many differant meds over the years im abit afraid of trying something new.thankyou so much if you have read my post sometimes you have to share things and get it of your chest take care all joanne x

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Kidney stones can cause referred pain down the thigh ....been there bought the t shirt

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its vital you get copies of any blood tests already done plus


free t4

free t3

thyroid antibodies




INSIST all those tests are done immediateky and get a print out and post them here for help from those of us who truly know thyroid


thankyou for yor info i asked my gp if the kidney stone has anythink to do with my thigh pain and he said no i doesnt but he is writing to someone to see if they want to do anythink about it so your info is very interesting i will be outting this to him thankyou x


Hi joed

I am so sorry to read of everything that you are suffering with and I genuinely hope that things turn a corner for you soon. Kidney stones in themselves can be painful regardless of the size? I also hope that you are not on the waiting list too long?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Joanne,

Aww Bless You!!!! I totally can relate to thigh pain, all down the front of them. I describe it as acid being poured over your thighs and the burning pain that you would experience!! It drives me insane!! I also am getting the mostterrrribble torso pain, sometimes it's excruciating, I've been in bed suffering for a few days, getting up for a few hours, then back to bed:-((

Hope you are not feeling too bad today. Take care, Lizzy x


Hi joed

I have sharp pains deep in the thigh muscles, stabbing pain, it's horrid. I find massaging them with deep heat or strong ibuprofen gel helps sometimes but not always. Hope you get some relief . Take care. X


So sorry to hear that you are utterly miserable at the moment don't worry about having a good rant as it is good for the soul. For you to have flu on top of your other problems is certainly kicking a woman when she is down. I pray that when your GP reviews your case he comes up with something they have missed. I have different kind of pains in my thighs and I find in the cold or damp weather that is one part of my body that I never seem to be able to get warm. Hope you will be feeling a bit better soon.x



I used to live on Zapain and after a couple of years they started to not work so well. Now I take OxyNorm a form of morphine but the pain is to great, that and paracetamol allow me to work for a few hours a week. I'm not sure how much longer I can continue working though. Each morning feels like a whole day and night.

Hope you feel better soon



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