will muscle relaxants help me?

i believe i am suffering with myofacial pain or fibro due to years of pain and various other symptoms. i also suffer with chronic migraine. is this common when you have myofacial or fibro? i,ve been on 35mg of nortripyline for 6 wks and it has had some positive results but wondered if muscle relaxants would help to. most of my pain is in the base of the skull, neck , shoulders, mid back but also by my hips. (alot of the fibro points) i,m waiting for an apt in the pain clinic at oxford but have seen several neurologists over the past 3 years regarding the migraines. any advice welcome pls .

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  • Morning Glamourpuss, that may help giv

    Sorry to hear the myofacial pain is giving you grief. Nuralger (dont know how to spell it) Pains in the faceial cavities can be so extreme.

    Have you been diagnosed with Fibro- I strongly suggest you request a visit to a Rhumeatologist get diagnosed. see your own det Diagnosed.

    You will get lots of advice on here but the best is see a professional !


  • My newest symptom is jaw pain which I've had for about 10 weeks now . I have not been diagnosed but on the waiting list since July ! Still no apt ! Yes I'm hoping for people's feedback especially on muscle relaxants , which ones and side effects . Thanks for replying .

  • Hi iGlamourpuss I think it is timw you rang the Hospital and asked for the consultants secretary tell her your woes see if you are on the list she just might get you in earlier!


  • i was put on diclofenic {not sure on spelling} by my gp befor fibro diagnosses didnt help with pain and one of side effects was my mouth would droop and people would think i was having a stroke so i stopped taking them

  • Hi , I have been on this drug to and it did very little for me . I did not suffer that awful side effect like you no wonder you came off it. This is the problem with the side effects - half the time you can't put up with them . What do you take that helps now Linlit?

  • gabapentin

  • Gins I have chased them already! Nhs!

  • Amitripline 100grams in total ohh u take these tablets& ya can't feel ur feet they sleep all the time, & a little baclofen through in...

  • You need to be properly assessed as taking them for the wrong reason or if you have any other conditions etc they may not be appropriate.

    your GP would recommend or otherwise wether its wise to take them until you got your appointment through.

    I don't have jaw pain but I have a feeling like my jaw keeps dislocating and strangely enough this has only happened for the past few months. i never associated it to fibro but I have been taking diazepam for the past couple of years, may be its them that is causing the problem. i will have to monitor it as i don't tend to think about it.

    i hope you get your appt through soon but with regard to your question will muscle relaxants help me? I would say not necessarily, but your GP will be able to advise you better. I haven't been taking them to help with Fibro and if I didn't need them, I certainly wouldn't be taking them. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone xx

  • Muscle relaxants are generally not recommended for fibro or myofascial pain and in my experience they just don't help anyway.

    A good pain killer like co-codamol or tramadol will help with the pain but may also have the positive side effect of making your muscles and body more relaxed.

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