This never ending illness

Evening all hope your all having a pain free night, I have fibro and for the last 6 months I have had back pain with burning itching sensation, pain in my groin, watery eyes.(cronic) pins and needles all over, and some sort of electic shock thingy all over, took water sample to docs and he phoned today to say he needs to see me this Friday, just said it was to do with all my symptoms. Iam in a panic as he has never phoned me to go see him. What's going on :(((. Thanks for reading and look forward to your replys. Take care x

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  • Sorry your having a bad time but i wouldnt worry to much as if it was bad they would have you an appointment right away gental hugs xxx

  • Thankyou for your reply iam sure it will be ok just a bit worried because he rang me. Have a pain free night x

  • I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing these issues, and I sincerely hope that your GP can sort it out for you. Please try not to worry too much he is probably just trying to help and get things sorted for you.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thankyou Ken for your reassurance he is a very good doctor so he will get to the bottom of it all. Hope you have a pain free day/ night. Take care x

  • Hi Gilly2111, have you ever asked to get your B12, ferritin and folate tested too? Some of your symptoms sound like B12 deficiency. Might be worth having a chat about it when you see your GP. Wishing you well MariLiz

  • Hi mariliz no not had b12 test but I will ask him when I see him on Friday. Thankyou for this information. I've got a list as long as my arm that I want to ask him about lol don't think he will want to see me in a hurry again. Lol x

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