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pain, pain, go away,

hi folks, sorry not been on here for a while, for the past 3 weeks i have been having back pain in my lower back, at first i thought it could be siatica, now am not so sure as the pain still there, fibro flaring up too, i got my appiontment to see a neurologist in april for my speech as it seems to me its getting worse, if i get into a long convosation i then start having trouble getting my words out, xx

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Hi Sandycat

That's a bit worrying - hope the neurologist can take care of it for you! Maybe they'll be able to help with the back pain as well. best of luck with it all.

Moffy x


Hope you get the help you need, Sandycat. It must be very worrying for you, but at least you have got a neuro. referral. Not too much longer to wait now. Do you have family/partner to help you?

Praying that it will be something that can be easily sorted.

Take great care,

Love and hugs Saskia XX


thank you moffy for your kinds words xx


hi saskia, thank you for your lovely message, i do have a partner, he dont always seem to understand the pain we in, i also have 2 daughters aged 20, and 14, they are both helpful, they dont like seeing me in pain, so sometims i do try to hide it, xxx


I have had lower back pain for a long flares up most when doing hovering,ironing or washing up for eg.also when I try to tend to own dr just said "its muscular" as seem to be his answer for everything lately with no explanation or treatment etc.a second dr I saw a few days later said its sciatica and arranged physio,which gave temporary relief but tahts all .am going back again tomorrow but believe it is something else-ie a cyst or tumour pressing on my spine.when I told my dr my stomach was increasing in girth,lumpier and harder according tohim that was"muscular" now you can see why I am losing faith.


Hi Sandycat, I'm so sorry that you are going through all this but you are not on your own. As I have found, there are so many wonderful people on here that are always there to listen to and support you.

Take great care.

Lots of gentle hugs.

Jane xxx


hi anbuma, i feel for you with your back pains, a doc said mine was siatica, i was not offered physio. its not fair is it, we go to see a doc with pain and sometimes we come out feeling no better, now i have moved i have had to cange docs, am now worried that they will not understand fibro, i have been getting pain in my lower tummy too, i cant seem to feel nice in any clothes, i feel fat, sorry just feeling bit low, xxx


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