Last Nights Hubby Collapsing

Thank you all for your kind words and hugs and gentle hugs, it's great to know I have support on here, you are all great. So Hubby seems ok today, he has had double kidney failure for a number of years, but finall got a Transplant, I think he had a Hyper, because his eyes were so cloudy, not sure, he will be seen by the Renal department just to check Kidney is ok, so keeping a close 👁 On him today, but also resting a bit myself.

Thank you all once again, Gentle hugs to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hello blue52 I am sorry to hear your husband had been taken bad but very glad to hear he feels a little better today. I will keep you both in my thoughts and hope the new kidney is ok.

    Mo xx

  • Hi Mo thank you I have every thing crossed ha ha.xx

  • Bless you Hunny Take Care.😀💕

  • And you Hun. Xx

  • So glad to hear he is ok, it's such a worry being a carer isn't it, and much worse when you're not well yourself, do take care.

  • Do look after yourself, best wishes to you both xxx

  • Thank you for the update! I am happy to hear all is well. Rest as much as you can today. Hugs

  • Glad to hear your husband is on the mend, what a fright to get? Take care and wishing you both well :) xxx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and it must have been an awful shock. I sincerely hope that he is on the mend and wasn't too badly injured. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Take it time and be gentle,,,,,,the days come and go,,but your health is so valuable,,it needs plenty of time,,,,,,I hope his doctors give him the check up,,and a good clear report for now,,ttfn Karen.

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