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Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes

Morning every one what a great bunch of fibro friends I do have, you have all been so supportive since the loss of Sophie and Ben, and I thank you all, I have been trying to keep up with some of your posts but my opologies for not commenting as I wasn't feeling very sociable, also had a lot of pain and a small flare up, ....I'm missing Sophie & Ben so much but I'm getting there....Happy 50th birthday to Zebadee, much love to you all and very soft gentle hugs , you are a great bunch of fibro friends so glad I found this site ....Dee xxx

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Thanks Dee Its really lovely to hear from you.

Thinking of you big much xxx

There's a hamper full of fluffies on route to you

:) xxxzebxxx :)


So glad that you are back with us. I know the pain that loosing much loved dogs can bring. over the last 25yrs I have loved and lost 3 lovely border collies each of them living well into old age, I still miss miss them all,but the pain does ease it just takes time


Thank you Zeb I shall look forward to wrapping them all around me with the others whilst I lay here on my bed, ....soft gentle hugs coming your way... :) xxxDeexxx :)


Hi mayrose, thank you for your thoughts, yes it does ease with time, I've had dogs all my life and I'm now 72 but it still doesn't get any easier does it, its so very painful and heart breaking to lose a pet of any kind, but I'm slowly getting there and I have so many happy memories....soft gentle hugs to you.....Dee xxx


no it does not the last one I lost, my beloved Cassie was the worst, It took along time and the arrival of megan anther collie to ease the pain but we get there in the end. lots of hugs... sue


Hi Dee, welcome back. Having lost cats & dogs over the years myself, , can emphasize with you. You hold a special place in your heart for your lost pets, and when the routines you had with them ie. feeding times, walkies time, playing time etc. come around and you realize they're not there, it hurts. I found that at those times, I would remember some of the happy memories I had with that pet, and for me, it brought comfort.

I hope you have a good day without too much pain. xx


Morning Dee, so lovely to see you pop up on the site. Welcome back, we've missed your sunny face and kind words.

I lost two beloved pets in the last few years. It's very painful I know. Remember that they are worth missing. Anything that brings so much joy will be missed sorely and it's a testament to Sophie and Ben's good, loving natures that you are feel their loss so deeply.

Take very good care of yourself. Be kind to yourself and don't be afraid to reach out to others for support.

Very big hugs coming your way

Zosie xoxoxo


Oh ((Dee)) I am so so pleased to see you again, I've been very worries, but didn't want to intrude during this time of your grief, nonetheless, you have been in my thoughts a lot. Take the time you need to recuperate and gradually heal from the traumas which have beset you.

Sending you loads and loads of positive healing vibes.

Foggy x


Hugs Dee


Aw good morning, so so pleased to hear from you. Been worrying about you. Losing Ben would be like losing a family member and you were already grieving for Sophie. Such a huge loss, I'm not surprised you have been unwell. Take good care. Lotsalove and strength being sent your way. x


Hi so sorry I havent been back on to say thank you for your lovely replies but my son in law has been seeing to the electrics all day so the electric has been turned on and off all day, hope you are all well and feeling reasonably pain free, nice to be talking to you again...soft gentle hugs to all...Dee xxx


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