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Had an injection in my wrist and it really hurts!

I'm being a big woosy today. Saw the Rhematologist today and he diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. He suggested an injection to help and I said ok.

It really, really hurt and now 12 hours later I've been in so much pain. I know it'll get better but can't help feeling sorry for myself. He also gave me a steroid injection in my bum which I think has helped and he's sending me for cognitive therapy for the fibro fog.

I think this is a positive step forward - I'll see in the morning!

Night night and gentle hugs ((())) :)

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Big gentle hugs :-)


if it was cortisone it can hurt for a day or so in some cases less , but after the first one i never got pain tht bad again ... rest up try some heat on it and hoping you feel better tomorrow x


hi i have carpal tunnel too and my gp suggested injections but as last resort , i have spokento several people who have had these and in their case it did not work and they went through several painful sessions of it only to end up having operation which in everyone of them has worked completely so if my GP suggests these i am gonna refuse and ask for the surgery love to you diddle x


Hi all i too had sevaral jabs which didnt resolve it, and ended up having the op on both wrists eventually.

Good outcome for me. Painful procedure though and 8-12 wks healing time mainly due if u need to drive x


hi i had both carpel tunnel done at the same time a couple of years ago and the outcome was brilliant. a bit painfull for the first few days and lived in pj's coz couldnt pull my pants up,hubby said ge didnt want to wipe were the sun dont shine!!!! So loads of baby wipes done the trick i could write a book on the use of a baby wipe also couldnt showerso in came the wipes again, but for discomfort for about a week for such a result exellent.

i also have arthritis+ fibro in my hands. i was a tailoress and done loads of sewing, knitting and so on for a living, never done any for years and i have over the last 6mths knitted 6 cardigans and a sweater for my new grandson, i am still in other pain but dont drop as much as before my op.


I love my sewing and knitting so I need to get something done as it gives me a lot of pleasure.


I really appreciate your comments as it was so painful. I think surgery might be an option though the splints did help last night.

We had fun in the bath last night me trying to get out of the bath with at least some dignity! Hadn't realised that my wrist would be so bad so my husband was pulling and my daughter was pushing and we were all shaking with laughter.

Made it in the end but I think we frightened the dog!! ;)


Hahaha Ariadne, I can picture the scene. Its a good job we can laugh in the face of adversity.

I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my left had but after these remarks I think I will keep it!! Have an aversion to needles, doctors and operations xx


Hi Ariadne, i had carpel tunnel in my right wrist, got the injection, told the doc that done it a butcher would have had more sympathy, that needle was getting put everywhere but never the right place so i sympathise with you,

At my next app and the pain was back so i told them no more injections i wanted the op, i have never looked back, it was instant relief i was back at work after 3 weeks. ;) Good luck. xx


It's the op for me then - no more injections!

Thanks all x


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