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Will I feel "normal" ever again?

Morning all. Got up this morn feeling like crap again. All my bad days seem to have joined together to make a neverending one. Even my Achilles tendons have come out in sympathy! My hubby told me today to be positive. Ok so now positive thinking. Where do I start? Any ideas girls? Oops. Sorry & boys. My hubby also told me he does not like me blogging on here. Well. I just feel so bloody angry. I really don't need him at the moment. He makes me want to spit. I overheard a conversation he was having with my daughter, who is a clinical psychologist, that me sitting around so much is not good for me. Oh! I am so wound up. The really great thing is I have found a great lady doctor who believes. Couldn't believe it when I started talking FMS she was straight on to it. I do love this site. I am not leaving it.

Gentle hugs to all. Xxxxxxx

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Morning Annie,

You go girl! Don't leave us!! Why doesn't your hubby like you being on here?

Glad the docor was helpful, that's always good to hear.

Not sure where to start with positive thinking....... :(

Get a cuppa and relax........ :)


Sue xxx


Hi Annie, good on you, we all need the kind of support this site gives us. It must be dificult for him to understand why you do what you do but it is not what you choose to do but what the illness dictates you do.

Glad you have found a good GP, this relationship is also an important one as we also need the understanding and support our GP's can give us.

As to feeling normal again, I dont know if I was ever normal to begin with lol!!. Hopefully you will feel better as the day goes on, mornings are not usually good for any of us fibro sufferers. Look forward to hearing from you again, love Angela xx


hi so sorrym you having crapp time at min me too in a real bad flare been like it weeks but hay ho there we go jus gotta go with it trouble is when it goes which i am hoping it does at some point i will feel sort of ok and then be worrying about it coming back lol it vicious ircla =e isnt it ?

anyway why is your husband against you coming on here is because he is not part of it ? which he can be partners have been on here before and written blogs so what is his problem with it i really dont get that? is he a possessive person ? some men think women are doing things behind there backs i suppose he thinks your chatting up all the men on here lol sorry it jus makes me laugh prob the one thing that actually does give you a bit of hope and some positivity and he want you to come off it

well i suppose that is your and his business but if my partner told me to come off the reply would be a sort sharp one and the end of the sentence would be you know where the door is lol arent i hard old thing /

i hope that you stay strong and it is not nice for him to tell tales to your daughter as i have a sneaky feeling he is exagerating the picture to her so if i were you i would pull your daughter aside and have a word with her about how you are feeling etc and tell her about this forum too and how much it helps you to feel normal and help you through the day then hopefully she will understand especially in her line of work

i think prob your husband is frustrated as you get things off here that he cant give you maybe thats it

oh well i hope that you keep on here and i hope that it all sorts out for you love diddle x


carry on blogging it does help to hear from people who are in the same boat.

and ive given up thinking im ever gonna be normal i try and think positive but im a positive person anywa\y but i know it can be hard sometimes

gentle hugs to you x


Think you all for your thoughts.

Diddle you are a wise bird! Bless you. I think it'd because he is not in control of it. The site & the FMS. He likes to be in control. He is ex forces.

Soft hugs Xxxxxxx


normal what took my hubby ages to come to terms that i can't do the simple things in life...he use to get frustrated with me...but now he understands what i go through he a bit more caring....he use to moan to his mates that am a lazy cow and won't do things round the house....then i showed him why ( lead me to be in bed for 3 weeks)he realized that i need him more than he needs he can't do enough for me....hope your hubby realized soon thhat life is never gonna be normal with fm...

lots of love...xx


HI annie,

My partner jokes about me being on here but i just ignore him but i suppose if i am constantly on here and not talking to him then he maybe feels left out.

This site is brillianbt and i would not do without it and i try to stay positive and high spirits but its damn hard isnt it.

Noone gets this, my partner, my friends, but i know unless they had it then they will never understand.

I am quite a private person but on here i dont care, i feel like this is my home lol.

I am so pleased for you that you have found a good doc. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Jaz

Many thanks for your thoughts .

It is hard for non-suffers to understand us cos we look healthy.

If we had an awful rash or even a big boil on our noses then maybe they would get it. Still we have each other on here.

Take care Gentle hugs Xxxxxxx


I have had a bad attack the last week and my achilles tendons have both popped so I know how you feel. We are trying to run a pony ride business so cant walk now with the rides.!


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