MORNING everyone hope you're all ok, been up since 4am,but couldn't even have a coffee as wrists were so. Painful, but just like most of my fibro friends downed my pain meds now with help of a straw having my morning coffee GREAT!!!

Trace xxx

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  • You got to do what you got to do!!

  • YEP like 4.AM baths. :)

  • Do hope your pain subsides as the day goes on :) xx

  • First thing in the morning always the worst and I've give up caffeine! Fortunately have lovely wife and son who keep me supplied with pints of mint tea! 😀

  • Yea I've given up caffeine to I only drink decaffeinated coffee don't drink tea, but mint tea sounds nice😊

  • I used to drink coffee to keep me going and to make pain mends work faster but the sting in the tail is high blood pressure and no help to sleep!

    I make mine by the pint as I need a lot to keep hydrated and flush pills through. Fortunately it's nice hot, warm or cold. At the moment I have some in the fridge!

    I usually use tea bags, watch out for prices of some, shop own brand you get forty not twenty and cheaper. I wait for Twinnings etc offered some time and buy a box load!

    It's incredibly easy to make yourself. I have some in my garden but have a river bank nearby where it grows like stink! Lol

    Best wishes Patrick

  • Hope your day got better.x

  • Yes a little took my tramadol and pregabalin and went back to bed.hope you had a better day!!😃

  • Mine unfortunately ended up rather like yours an Epsom Salt bath, early night and all the meds I could take. Life is pits sometimes. I found Tramadol quite a good pain killer but unfortunately it does not like me and gave me a 24/7 stonking headache so I had to come off it. Hope today is better for you, I am certainly in less pain.x

  • I sincerely hope that you get a good quality pain free sleep tonight.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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