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Morning all how about this

We searched high and low for a suitable dog ramp so that beloved Sussie could achieve getting in to back of car.

You see last week she could not manage it at all.

So this morning it arrive a beautiful wooden pair of dog stairs or ladder depending on how you look at.

Out to the car we went stretched it against the back.

Sussie with great delight gave it a sniff then smartly jumped straight in no problem.

We stood laughing holding each other up in the middle of the drive!

Coffee now while dear dog basks in the sun!

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Oh Gins I can just picture it, isn`t that a typical dog. It`s at times like this that you don`t know whether to hug them or strangle them, :P :P :P hugs sue


Gins dont they just get u so worried about them then just bonce back when they've got your attention!!!!!

Enjoy your day..

Sunshine hugs viv xxx


Our last dog, cassie was 17 and had a brain tumour that caused fits After losing her we had Megs The first time she was out in hot weather and off her lead she suddenly collapsed under a tree. It terrified me all I could think was Oh no please I can`t go through that again I run up to her and she jumped to her feet and carried on running. 8 yrs later she still does it in hot weather and my heart still goes in my mouth. sue


Very funny, trust animals to make us laugh.



Hi gins, thank you for the good laugh, isn't that just typical?

Take care

Ken x


this made me laugh and now your doggie can get in the car it will be so much easier for you.

Belinda x


hi gins

thanks for sharing this i can just picture this gave me a good laugh ,just typical of that to happen you expect them to have a really smug look on there faces.x


I should have known better lillian but I no have a ladder for future years hehehe