Anyone seen or heard from gins

Its thrown my morning ritual out..... I usually log in here with my coffee and read gins blog then enjoy a small bit of gins baiting ... Sets me up for the day.... I mean I love reading. Everyone else's blogs and questions but gins and I are usually about on here the same time every morning....hope you are ok gins if you read this .....and if anyone else is usually on here about 7 am please post so I have something to read with my coffee... Can't be doing with breakfast tv.

VG xx

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  • Just checked VG she hasn't been around for a couple of days, I hope she hasn't got the nasty virus that's around at the moment. If you're reading this Gins, we all hope you're ok and look forward to having you back with us soon!

    VG you will have to hold the fort first thing in the morning, hopefully there will be someone else around at that early hour to keep you company! Too early for me! How on earth do you manage to get up that early :O ;) :P

  • Hi Liberty do not worry I am back safe and sound so you can stay in bed. I get up about 5.30 the back dictates my leaving the warmth of my bed. I love chatting with VG as she seems to be the only person about and we are as nutty as each other :) Thanks for

  • A very loud alarm and an autistic son who can't/won't get himself up and ready for school in the morning.... Actually you could shoot a scene from a zombie film at our house in the morning with me shuffling and my son grunting...(he's a teenager I forgot they only communicate in grunts)

    VG xx :)

  • I've had three teenagers VG, I sympathise. My youngest son is 19 now and still grunts and nods in all the wrong places. He stands in front of a cupboard with the door open without a clue as to what he's looking for! On another planet springs to mind. The other two got through it ok fortunately and returned to Earth. ;)

  • VG you have my respect. I can't do early mornings since I started taking meds to help me sleep. I can sleep through alarm clocks, barking dog and noisy husband getting ready for work!

    I too love reading gins' posts, albeit a bit later in the day. Hope you are OK gins...we are missing you!

    Jane x

  • I am fine Hun thank you xgins

  • Hi VG I am back just a wee trip to the capital of Scotland. Very bracing missed my early chatter with you but no link up there!

    Just you wait till tomorrow xgins

  • Glad your OK Gins x x x Hope you had a great time x x

  • I'm almost (notice I said almost!) tempted to get up really early in the morning to read the warring Blogs!!

  • Ohhh Amanda you should join us... The only other time I get up early and am not here is if F1 is on, ..... Even gins cant compete with Michael schumacher.....sorry gins :)

    VG x

  • Hey what about Lewis Hamilton VG?! :P

  • If I could do a sniffy emoticon I would he is too arrogant... Prefer jensen button and Paul di resta over him but next year now michael is retiring I shall have to return to kimi reikonnen as he is so laid back very grumpy but very talented.... Laid back , very grumpy, now who does that remind me off.... Nahhhh couldn't possibly be me ;)

    VG x

  • I have to agree about Lewis Hamilton, too much lip gloss too! I prefer the others too! :P

  • Great to see you Gins, so pleased you're ok! I think VG missed you this morning ..... her morning just wasn't the same! ;) xx

  • Did you say morning or moaning Libby ;)

    VG x

  • I have read all your posts and am sitting here chuckling :) xgins

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