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Thank-you to all

I can't believe how many care out there who don't know me.

Thanks again everyone.

My step daughters baby came away today, she was relieved the tablets worked and not have to face an op on Monday.

Only time can heal now and she is being looked after well.

We will know on 1st Jan on the birth of my daughters baby how its condition will be. She refuses to have the needle inject test has there is a higher percentage if risk for miscarry. My daughter has been told from the blood tests and scan of the high odds but she said she has been trying to long to risk loosing her baby, she is 37 and had just been accepted for ivf but got pregnant normally 3 weeks later.

Again thank-you for all your mind responses. X

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I'll be praying for you all xx


This happend to my son and daughter in law and now have a cute little boy . so thinking of you all xxx

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Hi Cathy

I tried for 10 years to conceive. Due to my age (36) I was told I had a very high chance of my baby having Downs.

I too refused the amniocentesis due to the risk.

My son is 18 now, but I remember going to a hospital in London for a specialised more detailed scan. I'm so sorry I can't remember the name of the scan.

I'm assuming that with today's technology your daughter has already had this anyway.

She's is a very admirable lady and you must be so proud of her. I too said that because I had tried so long I wanted to continue with my pregnancy.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I appreciate your step daughter has no idea who I am but please send her my heartfelt condolences. I can only imagine how she must be feeling.

Sending you love and thoughts

Lu xx

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I have just come off the phone with wendy. The baby and I still it as a baby came away in one piece, she was pleased it was that way has she got to say good bye her boyfriend and boys are having g a. Ceromney and burying the babe in the garden. We are taking a nice big pot of coulered flowers over and she will be placing them over the spot. She is very brave and maybe being a nurse sort of helped her. But after talking to her it sounded awful. Thanks x


Keep strong and all the best.


All my hopes and dreams for all of you x x


So sorry to hear about your step daughter. Absolutely heartbreaking. Two of my cousins went through the same thing. Also sorry to hear about your daughter. We had IVF which fortunately worked after years of trying. I was 40 when I had her and everything was fine.

Hugs to all of you xx


You must all be in so much pain and distress at the moment I hope you can keep strong for each other my thoughts and prayers are with you xx


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