Thank You All

Thank You All

Just want to say thank you to everyone who was so kind and concerned when I had my "bloody" situation. I went to the haematologist this aft to get things checked and be blood sucked by the vampires for clotting studies. Hey ho, was just about to leave the house, went to move something and didn't think and bang......blood everywhere again. I phoned to let them know so they had the Factor VIII all ready for infusion when I arrived, so we got everything under control. They have bandaged the two fingers so I'm typing with my ring finger - another good thing about having an iPad, otherwise it would be ire difficult, they keys don't respond to the bandaged pinkies, why should they ? Haha. My dear Haemy despairs of me and calls me an accident waiting to happen, amongst other things. Anyway, here I am, back home curled up on my sofa with the doglets, who insisted on coming in the car with me for moral support and encouragement........they're soooo sweet. Poppie is giving the sausage like pinkies odd looks and has had several really good sniffing inspections. Just wanted to thank you for all your kindness, it really means such a lot to me.

Very Muchly Foggy xx

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  • Glad you've survived, Foggy! PLEASE don't spill any blood for the next few days!

    Moffy x

  • Yup, I have had enough of this to last a while, will they to hang onto the blood for a fair time, Foggy brain storms allowing. Hehe. foggy x

  • Glad you are back..... oh dear bandages fingers and an Ipad I am sure my iPad KNOWS I have fibro fog and determindly throws in words to help .. of which i have no intention of using throwing me off track so I forget what I was trying to write..

    Um yeah well

    Welcome back foggy


  • My iPad is clearly rather confused and keeps offering me some very obscure suggestions, some of them not printable here, haha. Foggy xx

  • Glad you're OK. We were all quite concerned about you yesterday, so PLEASE take care.


  • Again a real thank you for your all your kind words. ha it not been for your encouragement I may well have side stepped the hospital, I hate to make a fuss and cause inconvenience, especially with the Haemy as they have so many people with cancer and blood related conditions that are far worse than mine. I would hate for someone with real need to be either postponed or anything, just because me being a complete idiot. Muchly Foggy xx

  • I am so pleased you are ok the bandages look megga do take care and you are just as important as anyone else xgins

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