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Thank you Fibro Action!

I very rarely post on here but I read the posts daily. I had my DLA renewal come through in December 2013 ready for its review in April 2014. I asked for some DLA guides and was very kindly sent a link to Benefits and Work for some free guides for completing the forms.

Using these guides I sent it off at the beginning of January and I received my letter yesterday saying it had been renewed for another 2 years. Mobility High Rate so I can keep my motability car which enables me to get to work and to have a life, and low rate care as my daughters have to help me to wash my hair, cook our meals and many other things for me. I have Fibro, osteoarthritis, pernicious anaemia, low vitamin d, anklyosing spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, migraine, plantar fasciitis, and permanent tendonitis in my ankle - this all means I am in severe pain every step I take as it comes from my foot all the way to my head. I have Fibro fog some days, I am permanently tired and physically exhausted but I still work 30 hours a week and am a single parent. I love my job and have the most wonderful employer who allows me to work from home when I'm too unwell to get into the office. My attitude to having these conditions is that I still have a life to lead - I still need to be a mum and no amount of pain, discomfort, exhaustion etc will stop me from having a life. Sure I have days when I can't get out of bed but I have to take my daughters to school so I have to get up or it impacts on them. I have days when I can't even work out how to make a cup of tea, so I ask for some help and do what I can. Working means I contribute to society and so I feel less of a burden on the state. It keeps my mind healthy and stops the "poor me" that I initially felt when diagnosed 4 years ago.

I know people get turned down for DLA/PIP etc, but using the guides and getting your GP onside can help you. It's not about how many conditions you have, it's how the condition affects you. They don't care if you can't do housework or shopping; you have to show that you need help with all personal care, cooking a meal from scratch, that you use aids to help you walk and that you walk extremely slowly, in constant pain and have to stop frequently, that you have aids and adaptions at home to help you get on/off the toilet and still sometimes need a hand with this, that you need help with your medication as you forget to take it or can't get it out of the packet - so much of this is in the guides and it's laid out in such a way that you can make it fit to your condition and how it affects you daily.

Thank you to the volunteers who help this site and sent me the guides. I don't think you get praised enough sometimes and people don't realise you are still a human who is giving your time freely and all for a common cause.


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I am so pleased for you Kentishlady, to have such a good fast result to your application. I couldn't agree more that the volunteers and mods here do such a lot of hard work and need recognition for all their hard work.

It sounds like you cope incredibly well with such hard circumstances and I wanted to acknowledge that and say well done, you have such a positive attitude, which as you say you have turned around in four years. I admire your tenacity and your strength of mind over matter, getting up when you feel you can't because of your daughters, but I am also pleased that they help you when you need it.

Do pop in here occasionally, we have some fun sometimes, which can lift the spirits, and the members are great at giving good sound advice, even if it's for just cheering one up a bit.

I really wish you well and send positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

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Excellent news for you :-)



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Congratulations and thank you for such a lovely positive and informative post.

Wishing you wellness and send super warming and healing fluffies for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Thank you for your heartfelt responses. I have twin daughters who mean the world to me and do what they can when I ask them to help. I'm guilty of being stubborn and wanting to still do things even though it will hurt more, but I don't like to keep asking and taking things for granted.

Count your blessings and focus on what you have, not what you want. Focus on what you can do, and turn the "I can't" into "I will give it a try". And always say thank you for any help you are given.

Fibro hugs. Xx


Hi Kentishlady

I am so please for you, I think this is wonderful. I really enjoy the posts when somebody has great news it makes me feel warm inside.

Well done

Ken x

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well done. I received my DLA renewal in December and mine runs out 1st week in may. I am about half way through completing it as it takes me a while as my concentration is not very good. I am currently on high rate mobility and care.

again well done


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Hi Kentish

Well done on your DLA and your right people dont get the thanks that they deserve we are all quick to complain about something but very rarely praise people for the work that they do behind the scenes

Also you are an insperation to us all working and bringing up two wonderful children on your own

Once again well done on your claim but a big well done on the way you deal with life....

Gentle Hugs to you

Gilly xxx

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Hello Kentishlady,

Thank You for the your kind words.

We, FibroAction are glad you found the guides of help and you were successful in your claim. Well Done !

If you wish to , you can email your feedback to us using as we all enjoy hearing positive feedback.

Now you can relax :)

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Well done Kentishlady, you should be very proud of yourself and what you achieve every day. I'm like you, don't want to give up and want to make a contribution to society and my sanity, I want to set a good example to my kids that no matter what and how painful I push myself all the time. I can't work many hours so now only do 18.5 but it's better than nothing. I struggle to drive to work and don't have a motability car, I've been McGovern the higher rate of daily component but standard for mobility even though I use a wheelchair a lot of the time. ATOS put in their explanation that I must be able to plan a route since I work even tough this isn't means tested and and whether I work or not is irrelevant. They didn't pay any attention that I spent 4 months off sick , they ignored the fact that I get lost all the time and block my PIN number on a regular basis and they stated "there is insufficient evidence that her memory loss side effect of gabapentin is enough" my memory loss is nothing to do with the ganapentin it's due to fibro, they are incredibly stupid and ignore simple common sense. 36 weeks since I first applied for pip and still not sorted out. So it's really good to hear a positive story, however going by your conditions you should be on the higher rate for both. You might be when they move you over to pip from dla.

Anyhow we'll done your a brilliant example, a fibro fighter. X xx.

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so pleased for you kentishlady xx

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